August 15, 2002


Recently I had not been diligently advancing in my cultivation. I did not study the Fa enough and wanted to sleep often, and my righteous thoughts weren't strong. The evil then took advantage of this loophole. I was giving truth clarifying materials to a boy but he turned me in to the police. I was taken to the police station and illegally sentenced to a three-year term in a forced labor camp. Before being taken to the camp, I refused the order of the police to get into their car. Quite a few of them tried to drag me into the car. Almost everyone from the station came out! I cried out to them, "You must remember Falun Dafa is good, you must remember!" Some of them said, "We will remember!"

On the way to the labor camp, I continuously talked to those few people about the Fa and clarified the truth. Some of them listened; some of them asked questions. One of the young police officers had the habit of using dirty words while he talked. I reminded him a few times and did not hear him use dirty words again. He told the others, "Falun Gong is not bad, teaching people not to curse."

I kept reminding myself, "Master Li is right next to me; from now on I will use righteous thoughts in dealing with everything." In my heart, I told Master Li, "Master Li, I can't be locked up. I need to clarify the truth and offer salvation to people. I am not acknowledging their arrangements. The compassionate and mighty Master, please help me to strengthen my righteous thoughts." Besides sending forth righteous thoughts, I also repeatedly recited "Lunyu" (the preface of Zhuan Falun) to eliminate the evil factors in the other dimensions of the labor camp. Those armed police said, "Transform yourself well when you get in there." I said I didn't need to be transformed since I had always been a good person.

A little after 6 p.m., we arrived at the labor camp. A physical examination was the first thing they put me through. I started to feel pressure in my chest and I was extremely exhausted. Then they measured my blood pressure and heartbeat; I started to send forth righteous thoughts towards the doctor to eliminate the evil factors behind him; at the same time I told my heart, "Beat faster please!" After taking the measurements, the doctor said, "We cannot take this person in. The heart beat is 120." Since the labor camp refused to take me, the police went to ask their superior. The superior said that they had to send me in even if they had to send gifts and pay money. So, the police had to wait to find someone they knew the next day who would give me another physical exam.

The next day, they found someone they knew and found another doctor for the physical exam. I continuously sent forth righteous thoughts towards that doctor and told him in my heart that he should not do anything unethical. After the exam, they still refused to take me. During lunchtime, I said to myself, "Master Li, I want to go but I have been refusing to eat for two days and I have no strength. Maybe I should eat something!" They also enthusiastically encouraged me to take some food and water. They believed that the fast beating of my heart was because I had not eaten. When I was about to ask for food, I saw a big word "forbearance" on the wall emitting light. The whole wall was filled with the blue word "forbearance" and emitting lights. Master Li had been protecting me every moment; he was giving me hints when I was confused; I was touched and started to cry. The director immediately said, "Don't be anxious." Then he again encouraged me to eat. I firmly said, "I won't eat!" I understood that Master Li asked me to endure just a bit more! Master Li was next to me.

On the way back, an armed police officer said, "You have won and we have lost!" But I did not relax myself. I continuously sent forth righteous thoughts and recited "Lunyu." During the trip they again asked me to eat. I said if I didn't get home, I would not eat. Around 1 a.m., we were back at the local police station. The local detention center also refused to take me. I was then released unconditionally.

I found out the next day that when I was arrested, a practitioner immediately notified other practitioners. They all helped me by sending forth righteous thoughts. From this incident, I realized the importance of being part of one body. Even though nothing happened this time, it was still a very dangerous situation. I knew this tribulation occurred because I was not advancing diligently and not putting out enough effort. The evil had a chance to take advantage of the loophole. Of course we don't acknowledge the arrangements of the evil old forces, but I have learned that I need to diligently and genuinely cultivate without relaxing.