I am 67 years old this year, and a new practitioner who has attained Dafa less than one year ago.

At the end of July 2001, I learned how to do the five sets of exercises. A veteran practitioner told me that I would also need to study the Fa principles in addition to doing the exercises. So I started to make up my mind to read Dafa books. Because I am old and have had little schooling, it is very difficult for me to read and study the Fa. Teacher saw that my heart was strongly determined to cultivate Dafa, so some miraculous things have occurred. At the beginning, I read half a page each day, memorizing words one by one. When I saw words I didn't know, I always thought them over, and then suddenly the sound came to me. Sometimes, I did not recognize a word before sleeping; however, I suddenly knew it when I woke up on the next day. Just like this, my reading speed became faster and faster. After three months, I finished reading Zhuan Falun once.

Presently, besides doing my everyday house chores, I read one to two lectures in Zhuan Falun. I read whenever I get a chance. Outside of practicing the movements and studying the Fa, I firmly send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil, and also follow Teacher's requirements to clarify the truth to all people. I often clarify the truth to my relatives and neighbors. I have already taught two fellow practitioners the five sets of exercises. I often practice and study Fa with them. When I first started practicing, my whole family was against it. Now, they are all saying that Falun Dafa is good, and they support my cultivation.

This is perhaps the predestined relationship. Two days after attaining the Fa I had a dream: I went on a large, unseen boat. My fellow practitioner said to me that this was the Teacher's Fa boat, and Teacher was already caring for me. I know that Teacher takes care of me, and I am truly happy. I read whenever I have time, and even while I am working, I think about the new words I have learned. In order to have those people who were blinded to know the truth, I used my only ten Yuan to print out truthful materials.

In the future, I will cherish even more this very rare cultivating opportunity, and put forth even more effort to do better in the three things of studying the Fa, clarifying the truth, and sending forth righteous thoughts.