(July 4, 2002, Liaoyang County, Liaoning Province) At approximately 6:00 am, when Qu Yongjiu, employed as a sales person at Xinfeng corporation, went downstairs to buy breakfast for his child, he was suddenly arrested by Liaoning County Police Bureau officers, without any evidence or a warrant. Then, five policemen burglarized and ransacked his residence. While the thievery and vandalism occurred, only his 14-year-old child, Qu Yao, was home. Afterwards, the police forced Yao to go with them where he was detain and not permitted to go to school. The police released the boy a few hours later after he had suffered much anguish.

The police stated that they had arrested Qu Yongjiu because they could not find his wife. In reality, Mrs. Qu had been forced to leave her family and could not return because of similar persecution. The boy now stays at home alone with no one looking after him. He doesn't know how to cook, so he eats irregularly. At that time, his final exam was approaching, and he had to study quite intensively. He very much wished that his parents could be there with him.

Liaoyang County Police Bureau Security Department officers, without any evidence, transferred Qu Yongjiu against his will to the Shoushan Detention Center to extract his "confession" by torture. They then summarily sentenced him to two and a half years in a forced-labor camp.

Good will be rewarded with good, and evil will meet with due karmic retribution. Since Qu Yongjiu was wrongly tortured and imprisoned, Liaoyang County and other districts in that region have all suffered from severe hailstorms. This was a warning sign from Heaven: whoever persecutes good people, will bring disaster to the people.