(Clearwisdom.net) Once we went to Crimea Peninsula to clarify the truth to the people of Crimea. We visited a beach in the city of Alushta. On the first day, a lady came to our display and looked over the pictures, and she asked some serious questions immediately. She told us the reason later. Some time ago, she met Teacher Li in her dreams twice. After the dreams, she started to become interested in various Qiqing exercises, but none of them really touched her heart. When she saw our Falun Gong exercises, she felt that it was what she had searched for for so long. On the second day, she came again in a pleasant mood. She stood beside the boards and began to introduce Falun Dafa to the people confidently. She told the people how good and beneficial it was to practice Dafa. People were happy to listen to her. The magnificent power of Dafa and the pre-destined relationship showed up in her. At that time, she had only started to read "Zhuan Falun".

The local vendors noticed an interesting thing too. Everyday, after we set up our display boards, two little squirrels would come down from the trees to play beside us. One man said there must be a very good energy field, otherwise these two lovely creatures would not come to play at this place for two straight days.