(Clearwisdom.net) On February 26, 2002, twelve Dafa practitioners from a county in Weifang City, Shandong Province exercised their constitutional rights and went to Beijing to appeal. The police seized them the minute they arrived and took them to the "Weifang Beijing Subsidiary Office" in Beijing. Once there, they were illegally body searched, and the authorities confiscated all their money, keeping it for themselves. The practitioners refused to cooperate with the vicious police, so the policemen began to punch and kick the practitioners and shocked them with electric batons. Dafa practitioner Zhang Suzhen (female, 42 years old and formerly a volunteer assistant at the Li Jiazhuang village practice site) was hit so hard that she fell to the floor unconscious. When Dafa practitioners asked the guards, "Why do you treat good people so cruelly?" They answered, "We do not have a choice. We have received instructions from higher authorities. We know that Falun Dafa is good; however, in order to keep our jobs, we have to be this way."

At night, Dong Jianhua (male, about 42 years old), Deputy Director General of the Public Security Bureau from the Fang Zi Section and Li Li (male, about 36 years old), Communist Party Committee Assistant Secretary from the same county as the twelve detained practitioners, arrived at the office. One again they interrogated the practitioners individually and brutally beat them. Policemen kicked the practitioners' knees and slapped their faces, which caused the practitioners' faces to swell up. Even the people working in the offices could not bear to watch such violence and asked them to stop. When the practitioners did the exercises and clarified the truth to the police, they handcuffed practitioners Zhang Suzhen, Wang Fengping (a 46 year old female from Wang Zhuang village), and Fang Yixiang (a 48 year old from Houdeng village) to the lampposts in the courtyard with their hands cuffed behind their back. The next day, together with other Dafa practitioners, they were sent to the local police station. When they were put into the car, Zhang Suzhen and Wang Fengping were still handcuffed behind their backs. Later, the police handcuffed two practitioners together and locked them up in a garage.

The garage was full of dust, and it had no windows, ventilation, or light. It was also extremely dark. For a couple of days, the vicious police neither opened the door nor gave practitioners any food or water. Practitioners had to relieve themselves inside the garage. When the police arrived at work, they took turns kicking the metal frame of the door and threw firecrackers into the garage from a space under the door just to startle and harass the practitioners. The Dafa practitioners were locked up in the dark garage for five days and nights.

On the sixth day, the vicious police began to interrogate the practitioners. The person who interrogated Wang Xiuyu (female, about 35 years old, from Wang Zhuang village) was Li Li, Communist Party Committee Assistant Secretary from the county. Wang Xiuyu had twice gone to Beijing to appeal, which made the ruffians extremely angry. Li Li screamed at Wang Xiuyu. While he was screaming he fiercely pushed Wang Xiuyu onto the floor and ruthlessly stomped on her body with his feet. He completely lost all control and violently kicked Wang Xiuyu's neck and face. When Li Li became tired, he ordered the police and their accomplices men to take turns beating her further. These ruffians ruthlessly kicked Wang Xiuyu back and forth between them as if they were kicking a soccer ball. When they became tired, they brought out electric batons to shock Wang Xiuyu. They shocked her neck, back, and even put the electric baton into her mouth to shock her tongue. Then they locked Wang Xiuyu in the dark garage. A few hours later, Li Li brought three of his accomplices with him to the garage; all were about 35 years old. One of them carried a big wooden club, one meter long and as thick as the forearm. Li Li pointed his finger at Wang Xiuyu and said: "Beat her! Beat her to death!" The two thugs went up to Wang Xiuyu without saying a word, kicked her to the ground and handcuffed her hands behind her back, while the other thug hit her continuously with the wooden club. Li Li stood on the side yelling: "Wang Xiuyu, today I will definitely break one of your legs. Hit her! Hit her hard!" One of the Dafa practitioners really could not stand to watch such violence being perpetrated on an innocent person. She cried and begged Li Li to stop the beating. The inhuman Li Li not only did not listen, he became more aggressive and demanded, "Why did you go to Beijing?" Wang Xiuyu answered: "We went there to clarify the truth, we cultivate and want to be good persons." Li Li rushed over to her, slapped her face twice, and said to his thugs, "Striker her, strike Wang Xiuyu to death!" The thug with the wooden club began to beat her and this time he hit her even harder than before.

On the afternoon of the same day, all the Dafa practitioners were sent to the first floor of the county government office. These ruffians forced the practitioners to sit on the floor with their legs spread apart. One of the persecutors, Wang Kequin (male, about 42 years old with a dark long square face, and who is the director of the County Personnel Department) kicked Wang Xiuyu's lower back very hard. While torturing Dafa practitioners he cruelly declared, "If I beat you to death, I won't care even if it means I will be killed by a car." [Note: In both Western and Chinese culture, the principle of karmic retribution, that is, being held ultimately accountable for one's own actions, is widely accepted. While many of those who persecute Falun Gong are merely "following orders," it has become widely known to those persecutors Falun Gong that many of them have suffered from sudden illness or accidents as a result of incurring karmic retribution.]

Li Li and the other ruffian took Wang Xiuyu alone to the second floor for further torture. They forced her to sit on the floor, spread her legs, and then inserted the electric baton into Wang Xiuyu's mouth to shock her. He even shoved the electric baton down her back and into her underwear to shock her. All these acts of torture could not satisfy Li Li, so he ordered the thug to force a chair over Wang Xiuyu's head. Both persecutors pressed hard on top of the chair, forcing it down on Wang and immobilizing her. Li Li, in front of others, shocked Wang Xiuyu's inner thighs and genital region with an electric baton. Not satisfied with this vicious assault, Li Li poured water over Wang Xiuyu's chest, pushed the electric baton into her underwear to shock her and even brutally inserted the electric baton into Wang Xiuyu's vagina. Wang Xiuyu firmly resisted all of these tortures. Other people could not bear to watch the brutality and persuaded Li Li to stop. Li Li answered, " Today I don't care about anything but beating you to death! If I kill you, no one will do anything. Your death will be nothing! You have seen that one after another was beaten to death in Weifang, and their deaths haven't caused any trouble!"

When Wang Quanfeng (male, around 48 years old, fair skin, yellow face, wears glasses, about 1.6 meters tall, the Chief Captain of National Security Military Unit, Fang Ziqu Public Security Bureau subdivision) and the others tortured Zhang Suzhen, they stripped her pants off and then hit her lower back and buttocks extremely hard. They beat her so viciously that the wooden club broke. Zhang Suzen was injured all over, her entire body was swollen, and they only stopped when she became unconscious. When we helped Zhang Suzen to the bathroom, we saw that the lower part of her body was all black and bruised; the flesh and blood were stuck to her underwear, and she had great difficulty taking off her clothing. She could not even walk by herself. Later she was sent to a forced labor camp in Jinan by her persecutors.

Yu Jinxiang (male, about 42 years old with a long dark square face and holding the position of Secretary of the County Armed Forces) and Wang Quanfeng inhumanly tortured Dafa practitioner Fang Yixiang. After they finished stomping on Fang Yixiang's body, they shocked her with electric batons and hit her with a wooden club from head to toe. Policeman Wang Quanfeng beat her on the knees and shins. Yu Jianxiang lost all control and used the wooden rod to strike Fang Yixiang's head hard, which split her scalp open and caused blood to pour down her face. They then pressed a chair onto Fang's legs, handcuffed both of her hands to the back of the chair, and shocked her body all over with electric batons. They shamelessly and brutally shocked her genital region. Yu Jinziang screamed, "Spread your legs so I can kick you. I'll kill you!" The thugs did not give her anything to eat for four days and nights and did not allow her to sleep either. Fang Yixiang was tortured until she was injured and bruised all over her body. There was not a place on her body that was unscathed. Her face was extremely swollen.

Fang Zi Section sent people to take Wang Fengping to the police station for illegal interrogation. They asked Wang Fengping if she would still practice Falun Dafa. Wang Fenping answered firmly, "I will!" Ruffian Bi Xiaochen (male, about 30 years old, with an oval shaped face, 1.72 meters tall and a police officer in the Feng Zi Section Public Security Bureau sub division of National Security unit.) slapped her face repeatedly, punched and kicked her and shocked her with an electric baton. During the night, Communist Party Committee Secretary Li Li, Sun Yonggang (male, about 35 years old with a square face, about 1.6 meters tall, and Communist Committee Assistant Secretary) Sun Youshiu (male, about 40 years old, Director of the County Communist Party), Yu Jinxiang, Zhang Yong and the others inhumanly continued torturing her. Li Li used a square wooden board to strike her toes and thumbs, and shocked her entire body with an electric baton. Ju Youxiang cruelly stuck the electric baton into her mouth to shock her tongue. Sun Yonggang kicked her lower back and legs with all his strength.

During the illegal interrogation of Wang Huixia (female, 36 years old, from the village of Fuma Ying Ercun), the ruffians took turns stomping on her legs and knees, hitting her thighs with a wooden board, and inserting an electric baton into her mouth and shocking her because she would not obey their orders.

After the scoundrels brutally tortured five Dafa practitioners (Wang Xiuyu, Zhang Suzhen, Fang Yixiang, Wang Fengping, and Wang Huixia) for six days, on the seventh day they took these practitioners to Fangzi detention center. In order to keep torturing practitioners, Li Li and others, including Yu Jinxiang, Yu Jishun (male, a worker at an agricultural machinery station) drove to the detention center every day. They ruthlessly beat and shocked practitioners with electric batons. The officials in the detention center did not want to take responsibility for any injuries to or deaths of the practitioners, so they prohibited torture inside the center. However, Li and his gang wrapped the electric batons in newspapers and secretly brought them into the detention center so they could resume beating the practitioners. Wang Fengping was forced to stand on a stool for two hours with her back bent at a 90-degree angle and her arms stretched out horizontally in front of her. In addition, they kept hitting Wang's fingers, shins, and knees. All of Wang's limbs were badly swollen due to the heavy blows. When Wang could not endure anymore, they forced her to lie on a stool with her head suspended in midair and four limbs touching the ground. Those scoundrels shamelessly hit her breasts and shocked her body with electric batons. Due to the repeated electric shocks and beating, many places of her body were swollen and bruised. In addition, while Wang Fengping was illegally detained, the scoundrels in the town also kidnapped and tortured her daughter. They threatened her and forced her to slander Teacher Li. Later, the scoundrels forced Wang's family to pay 2000 Yuan [The average monthly income of an urban worker is 500 Yuan] in exchange for the release of Wang's daughter.

Feng Yixiang was tortured until her face was swollen and her eyes were bruised.

While being tortured, the practitioners were still forced to complete the assigned labor tasks they received in detention.

After Wang Xiuyu and the other four practitioners were detained, the scoundrels tortured Zhang Shirong (female, about 60 years old, from Deng village), Wang Xiaojuan (female, about 20 years old, from Yuanshang village), and Zhao Wenming (male, about 30 years old, a medical student in Beijing, and Feng Yixiang's son) without restraint. Practitioners were not allowed to sleep for several days in a row. A couple of dozen scoundrels took turns torturing the practitioners. They tortured Zhao Wenming to an outrageous extent. Li Li, along with his accomplices, shocked Zhao's body with electric batons, burned him with cigarettes, stabbed a knife into his flesh, and forcefully prodded him with screwdrivers. These tortures caused severe wounds to Zhao's neck and shoulders. Zhao's condition was so serious that the scoundrels were afraid he might die, so they sent him to the hospital for emergency treatment. In the hospital, the nurses could barely stand to look at Zhao's horrifying condition. After being injected with a tranquilizer, Zhao was sent back to the Fangzi detention center. Later, he was sent to the Wangcun forced labor camp. Zhao's father, Zhao Yifeng, a non-practitioner, was forced to live in relative's home for 6 months because his household appliances had been smashed by the scoundrels.

Yu Jinxiang forced Zhang Shirong, a 60-year-old grandmother, to lie down on the ground and to raise her four limbs vertically. Then the scoundrel Yu put a teacup on the sole of her foot. When her foot trembled from fatigue, the teacup dropped and broke into pieces. Then Yu stuffed the sharp pieces into Zhang's clothes and forced her to lie on her back. As a result, her back was cut and bled profusely. For a whole night, this grandmother was tortured and continuously pressured to write "guarantee statements" renouncing her belief. She was not released until she paid a fine of 3,000 Yuan.

A group of scoundrels, including Fu Enbo (45 years old, dark face, big eyes, about 1.60 meters tall, and the Town Chairman), Sun Yonggang, Liu Xianxun (male, about 32 years old, dark face, about 1.70 meters tall, a Department Director in the town government), and some policemen, took Wang Xiaojuan into a room and forced her to kneel on the floor. The scoundrels asked her, "Will you practice or not?" Wang determinedly replied, "I will practice." Right after she replied, beatings, kicks, and shocks from electric batons rained down on her body. One policeman violently kicked her lower back while Liu Xianxun shocked her mouth with an electric baton. On another night, ten people came from the town. When they saw that Wang was determined to practice Falun Gong, they used the technique of wrapping a telephone wire around her fingers and shocking her. In addition, they tortured and humiliated her in various ways, such as forcing her to stand on her head, to squat and walk with a stance called "horse steps", and to stand on a stool motionless for a long period of time. One scoundrel even threw a lit cigarette into her mouth while laughing viciously. However, these tortures did not shake Wang's steady, righteous thoughts. In the end, those scoundrels extorted 3,000 Yuan from her family in exchange for her release. During the persecution, each practitioner paid 3,000 Yuan. The total illegal fines paid by the practitioners added up to 36,000 Yuan total. No wonder the scoundrel Liu said, "We wouldn't have any salary if it wasn't for Falun Gong." In this persecution, Li Li proclaimed publicly: "To Falun Gong, there is no torture that is too ruthless as long as they don't die." On May 1, 2001, two Dafa practitioners in that town were arrested after it was reported that they were handing out truth-clarification materials. One of them was Wang Xiaojuan's mother. Later, both of the practitioners were illegally sent to a forced labor camp. The scoundrels took this opportunity to deceive several other practitioners into coming to the town. They illegally detained practitioners for seven days and confiscated their homes. While being detained, practitioners were not allowed to sleep. Due to the long hours of standing and the sleep deprivation, one practitioner fell unconscious. Her heart rate was extremely slow. Initially, the scoundrels paid no attention to her condition. After a while, they realized that she was in a critical situation and sent her to the hospital. Because the practitioner could not afford to pay them a deposit for her care, the hospital refused to treat her. The scoundrels thus dragged her back to the forced labor camp despite her precarious health.

The scoundrels did not miss any opportunity to collect money. This time, they forced each practitioner to pay a fine of 500 Yuan; otherwise, they would not be released. An elderly female practitioner had no money left and her son had been illegally sent to a forced labor camp. She uttered a stifled cry of agony. At that instant, the scoundrel, Sun Yonggan (newly promoted to be Chairman of the town party) took a mop and thrust it into her mouth. The old grandmother's nose and mouth were bleeding and later she fell unconscious. In the end, they did not release her until she was able to pay 500 Yuan.

The scoundrels voraciously collect money by crooked means. Wang Xiaojuan's father, who did not practice Falun Gong, was tricked into coming to the town. Wang and her father were then detained until they paid 1,000 Yuan. The scoundrels gave Wang Xiaojuan a receipt that said, "Falun Gong disposing fee: 1,000 Yuan. The handling person: Wang Jinwei." Since July 20, 1999, practitioner Wang Fengping has been illegally fined 7,420 Yuan.

The people persecuting Dafa practitioners include:
Xing Jianwei (male, about 30 years, wears glasses, slim long face, 172 cm tall, a policeman at Fengziqu)
Li Jianming (male, 36, round face, 165 cm tall, Mayor)
Chen Zhaoqi (male, 36, long slim face, about 160 cm tall, Vice-chairman of the Town Committee)
Cai Xuxiao (male, about 40, square face, approximately 175 cm tall, Vice-mayor)
Liu Yuping (male, 35, wide face with big eyes, 175 cm tall, chairman of the Union Committee)
Meng Qingzhan (male, 42, a department director in the town government)
Wang Shuguang (male, policeman)
Meng Fanguang (male, about 30, round face, 170 cm tall, policeman)
Duan (male, 24, square face, 170 cm tall, policeman)
Zhang Yong (male, about 35, 175 cm tall, wide square face, town judge's assistant)
Sun Yingming (male, about 33, black chubby face, wears glasses, 170 cm tall, judge's assistant)
Zhu (male, 30, dark long face, 173 cm tall, judge's assistant)
Wu Wangguo (male, around 24, white round face, 174 cm tall, worker at the agricultural machinery station)

It is a heavenly principle that good will be rewarded with good, and evil actions will meet with evil returns. Dong Jianhua, Vice-chief of Police at Fangziqu, and his wife were burned to death in a car accident. Wang Keqin, who once shouted, "I want to beat you (Dafa practitioners) to death even if I am killed in a car accident!" was disabled in a car accident. His wife was diagnosed with gastric cancer and half of her stomach was surgically removed. Wang's father-in-law was diagnosed with liver cancer and cannot eat regular food. Wang's father was injured in a car accident. This indicates a principle: a person who commits a crime brings mishaps to his entire family. This is a warning for those people who commit crimes: stop helping Jiang's regime to persecute Dafa practitioners. Treat Falun Gong practitioners with kindness and whole-heartedly change your attitude toward Falun Gong. This will prevent you from suffering from the karmic debts you have to repay.