Dear Father and Mother:

How are you now? I have left home for over one year and I always miss you and all my dear ones.

You have seen the tremendous changes in me after I practiced Dafa. You know that I am a person with thoughts and intelligence. Therefore, from me, you can understand why so many Dafa disciples stick to their belief even under severe torture and persecution. We know it is the truth of the universe.

I did nothing wrong, and I just did what I should do. Out of his personal interest, Jiang Zemin resorts to all possible inhumane means to persecute the believers of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." As a result, many people have been persecuted to death. Nevertheless, I believe that the evil will be eliminated and the spring is coming, and we will see the day when the truth of the universe unfolds. Truth will conquer evil in the end.

I was illegally arrested on March 24, 2002, when I was doing truth-clarifying work in a city of Jilin Province, and now I am imprisoned. After a policeman named Wang Yi arrested me on the street, they put me into a room. Someone there happened to strike my left eye with a book, when he was beating me. It bled, and then I couldn't open my eye and I felt extreme pain. After they brought me back from examination in the hospital, they put me on the "tiger bench" (a tool used for torture) and handcuffed me. Then they started to torture me with various evil means. They wrapped my head with a plastic bag to suffocate me over ten times, and then they exposed my nose and blew the smoke of a cigarette into my nostril. Afterwards, they shocked me with electrical batons on the head, hands, feet and body. They also beat my head continually and burned my hands and feet with a cigarette. They poured cold water onto my head while opening windows and turning on fans to chill me. Now my eye has recovered, but the wounds on my head are still painful and my voice has not returned to normal. Here I stay, imprisoned in this detention center.

Mother, Father, don't worry about me, and don't spend any money to employ lawyers because they have been ordered by Jiang not to defend any Falun Gong case.

They try to force people to be silent. However, on that day I will defend myself and tell all people I am innocent. In accordance with "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance," I am following the truth of the universe.

More and more kind people have been awakening. I hope my family members will also boycott the persecution against "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" by siding with justice and the truth.

Best wishes

Xiao Yun (Pseudonym)

April 3, 2002