Lu Jie "Biting" a Police Officer

In front of the police video camera, we can see the officer who claimed to be attacked grabbing Chau Sing's neck with her left hand. Lu was sitting right next to Chau Sing. The outside of the officer's left forearm was right below Lu's chin, (Refer to clips 3 & 4) so the camera was not able to capture Lu's mouth. Lu used her chin to press against the outside of the officer's forearm. The point of contact was not fixed, as their bodies were moving. But there were no movements that would be indicative of opening the mouth and biting. However, the police officer suddenly called out, "She bit me! She bit me! You cannot bite me!" Lu raised her head. (Clip 6) The officer retrieved her arm, and she turned her forearm and pointed to the inside of her arm with the other hand, trying to show the bite. (Clips 8 & 9) But this spot, so close to the wrist, was impossible for Lu's mouth to reach. How come the police officer, who according to the judge could not have been mistaken, couldn't figure out where she was bitten?

Upon hearing the accusation of the officer, Lu immediately responded: "Don't touch us! Don't touch us! I didn't [bite you], I pressed against you. I didn't. You cannot touch us... When you pinched us that way, it causes so much pain!" By pressing against the forearm of the officer, Lu only wanted to stop her from inflicting more pains on her and her fellow practitioners.

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Re: Lau Yuk-ling "Attacking" a Police Officer

In front of the police camera, Lau was carried off the vehicle by four or five female police officers. Those young officers restricted all of her limbs. No matter how hard she tried to struggle, this old lady could hardly move. In the midst of pain, her left hand accidentally grabbed an officer's shoulder. (Clip 1) Her entire body was parallel to the ground when she was removed from the vehicle. No matter how she tried, she couldn't get rid of the police's hands. (Clip 2) Manhandled by four or five officers at the same time, it would be hard for this elderly lady to even find a moment to gasp for air. Where would she find the chance to "assault the police"?

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