The focus of this experience-sharing article is: don't forget to send forth righteous thoughts when clarifying the truth.

When clarifying the truth to the precious Chinese people using the Internet, I chat with whoever is interested. I have noticed that those who choose to chat with me are usually college students around my age. Once I clarified the truth to someone born in the same year as myself. At the beginning, he wanted to leave the chat room immediately when I mentioned Falun Gong. I thought at that moment that he could not listen to me because he had been deceived by propaganda. Some people can understand as soon as they hear the truth, but others receive interference from other dimensions that do not allow them to accept the truth. Thus I sat down to meditate. My mind became empty as if I no longer sat in front of the computer. I could only sense waves of compassionate energy rolling toward me from microscopic spaces, and then spreading over great distances. I felt like I was sending righteous thoughts right in front of him, and that he must feel very good due to the compassion cultivated from Dafa cultivation.

In this dimension the effect of the righteous thoughts manifested by his momentary pause and inability to reply, although he was able to type quickly before. It was as if everything became motionless. Afterwards, he began to accept more and more truth. Every time I finished typing, I would send forth-righteous thoughts. After a long conversation like this, he gave me his e-mail address and expressed he would like to hear more stories about the experiences and understandings of Dafa practitioners. He said he increasingly realized how peaceful, how wonderful, and how righteous Falun Gong practitioners are. His heart had been moved.

We shouldn't forget to send forth-righteous thoughts when clarifying the truth. We have to utilize the power and abilities that Dafa has bestowed to Dafa disciples during this time of Fa-Rectification to clarify the truth with greater wisdom and breadth of mind. The above is my experience with clarifying the truth; I wrote it down in order to share it with fellow practitioners.