(Clearwisdom.net) The policemen in our area have been gradually awakening because of continuous truth clarification by Falun Dafa practitioners. I still remember, after 20 July 1999 the police officer patrolling my neighborhood would, from time to time, come to my home to harass me and would often say something that disrespected Falun Dafa. One day, he came to my house and searched for half a day, but failed to find anything. Then he picked up a banana, sent by my relatives, and started to eat it. He also called others to eat the fruit saying, please help yourselves. It would be a pity if you don't eat because it's free of charge."

The policemen in the area are beginning to have a better and more sober understanding of Falun Dafa through the efforts of Falun Dafa practitioners who have given the policemen Falun Dafa materials and continuously clarified the truth to them. The policeman in my area is no longer unreasonable. When he comes to my home, he greets me politely, "How do you do?" and talks kindly about everyday matters with me. During our talks about family matters I would use the opportunity to clarify the truth to him. One day he said, "I dare not to come to your home anymore because I am afraid that I will be reformed by you. You Falun Gong people are really brave and do not fear death." After saying that, he sat on the bed and asked me to teach him how to sit in the double lotus position. I talked to him for more than two hours and I knew that he wanted to learn more about the truth of Falun Dafa. The problem was that he did not want to admit this to me directly. He asked me, "If what had happened at the Tiananmen was true, I know that you would not practice any more." I said to him that the self-immolation was a fraud and aimed at framing Falun Gong. Then he said, "I was told that you Falun Gong people have VCDs clarifying the issue of the self-immolation." He also asked me if I had any. I secretly gave him the VCD later on.

At the end of May this year, this policeman came to my home again. During our talk, I asked for his comments on the VCD about the self-immolation. He said earnestly, "It's really a frame up by the Party to persecute Falun Gong. Fu Yibin is really insane." When I talked about the spread of Falun Dafa overseas he said," You don't need to talk anymore. I understand. I also heard people returning from overseas saying the same thing." In talking about "1400" cases (referring to the deaths cooked up by the Chinese government to defame Falun Gong), he said, even if all these cases were true you still cannot prove that Falun Gong is not good." He explained, "If one of our policemen had killed someone, can you say that the head of our Public Security Bureau is a bad guy? When I heard this I was very glad that he had a much clearer understanding of the truth of Falun Dafa. Before leaving, he urged me again and again to take care and not to do anything wrong. He said it in a very low voice, "Actually I have practiced the exercises for a year now. The only problem is that I still cannot cross my legs in the double lotus position. I nodded and gazed after his receding figure. With his influence, people in the police sub-station and the neighborhood committee now have a better understanding of Falun Dafa.