Conference Organizers, Ladies and Gentlemen who are concerned about the rights of the Falun Gong practitioners in China,

To strive for basic human rights and dignity is the most significant achievement in modern human history. It is also the core value of a democratic system. The freedom of belief and assembly has been one of the most important basic human rights protected by the constitutions of countries around the world, but in practice, a few countries have still not been able to realize it. People have been persecuted because they uphold their beliefs.

We believe, as human civilization has developed, freedom of belief and assembly not only should be valued all over the world, but it should also be a part of our lives today. I believe today's activity will manifest such values more thoroughly, and I hope that everyone in the world can enjoy the same freedom and peace.

I wish the conference a complete success.

Signed by

You Xikun

Administration of Public Affairs,


July 19, 2002

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