(Clearwisdom.net) Since July 20, 1999, people from Changchun University of Science and Technology have illegally sentenced Dafa practitioners to forced labor education, illegally detained them, imprisoned them in brainwashing classes and even deprived them of their Party membership.

Since March 2002, authorities from Changchun University of Science and Technology have aggravated the persecution against Dafa practitioners. Beginning in May, they stopped paying practitioners their retirement pension and withheld the earnings of those practitioners who are still employed. Because of the university's pressure, those practitioners who have retired from the university were forced to leave their homes and were unable to go home. The main lawless persons, including Wang Guozhong and Chen Yuwen, still frequently harassed and threatened the Dafa practitioners' family members. They also attempted to kidnap three university employees who are also Dafa practitioners to Changchun's Xinglongshan brainwashing class to carry on the mental persecution. One of the practitioners was kidnapped; one was sent back home under his (or her) family members' strong demands when they saw that the practitioner had developed a twitch from the abuse; one walked out of the brainwashing class with his righteous thoughts, but has since become destitute and is still homeless.

At this university, happy families were broken up, young children were deprived of their mothers, because their mothers were kidnapped to brainwashing classes just for practicing Falun Gong, and outstanding faculty members and employees are forced to leave their positions, in addition to which they are enduring mental and physical sufferings. Students lost those of their teachers who were Falun Gong practitioners and who were persecuted.

We are hoping that all of the kind-hearted people worldwide will join together to stop the persecution against Dafa practitioners on the premises of China's higher education institutions. This article hereby also reminds the Alumni of Changchun University of Science and Technology, originally called the Changchun Optoelectronics and Mechanical Engineering Institute that all of you should step forward and stop this persecution, because among those being persecuted, some of them can very possibly be your former teachers or friends.

The following are the persons of Changchun University of Science and Technology who are chiefly responsible for these acts: (University area code 0431. Currently, Changchun University of Science and Technology is on summer break. Call them at the end of August after school resumes.)

Wang Guozhong, Liu Zhaoyi, Ru Zhibin and Chen Yuwen. Chen Yuwen is the most vicious. She has framed Dafa practitioners many times.
Zhang Wei: This person specializes in spreading evil rumors among the teachers and students in the university, and is poisoning the minds of people. His telephone number is 2713425.
Hu Fengchu: Telephone number is 5305168 (home);
Section chief, Yu Dayong, telephone number is 5391649;
Section chief, Lin Lili, telephone number is 56904574;
Section chief, Zhang Wenxuan, telephone number is 5303461;
Section chief, Zhan Shuxuan, telephone number is 5696099;

The following are the phone numbers of the relevant departments of Changchun University of Science and Technology. The 4-digit numbers are the internal phones, which require the operator to transfer you.

The operators' numbers are 5385931, 5385932, 5385933, 5385934, 5385935, and 5385936;

Office phone numbers/ internal phones/home phone numbers

Optical and Mechanical Institute's "610 Office" number 2713;
The Principal, Jiang Huilin, 5384870, 2872, 2604, 5385064;
Party Secretary, Wang Guozhong, 5384263, 2642, 2666, 5391355;
Deputy Secretary Liu Zhaoyi, 5372673, 2287, 2871, 5300025;
Deputy Secretary Dong Yuhui, 5372667, 2798, 2730, 5388883;
Deputy Secretary Xu Hongji, 5372668, 2741, 2783, 5303536;
Vice-principal Wang Fengren, 5372619, 2868, 5305168;
Security Section head Ru Zhibin, 2389, 5307997;
Party Secretary of the Electronic and Information Engineering Institute, Zhan Shuxuan, 5696099;
Party Secretary of the Optoelectronics and Mechanical Engineering Institute, Zhang Wenxuan, 2359, 5303461;
The office of Discipline Supervisory, 5384270;
The Party Committee office, 5384265, 2360;
The Party Organizational Department, 5383429, 2234;
The Principal office, 5384644;
The Human Resources/Personnel Section, 5303277;
The Security Section, 5383014, 2617, 2214;
The Veteran Official (retired) Section, 5372666, 2425;
The Worker's Union, 5384307;
The Teaching Administration Section, 5384262;
The Working Section of Student Affairs, 5386662;
The Adult Education Institute, 5386153;
The library phone number, 5384267;

Secretary / the president of the institute / office / student affairs office / internal phones

The Applied Sciences Institute, 5372572, 5372573, 2524, 5372568, 2536;
Economics, Law and Management Institute, 5372582, 5372583, 2259, 5372581, 2218;
Optoelectronics and Mechanical Engineering Institute, 5372577, 5372580, 2229, 5372579, 2229;
Electronic and Information Engineering Institute, 5372575, 5372574, 2340, 5372576, 2645;
Languages and Literatures Institute, 5372569, 5372570, 2501, 5372571, 2578

Note: The "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute powers over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary system.