(Clearwisdom.net) A few months ago, the 7th team of the Wanjia Labor Camp started to force Dafa practitioners to perform slave labor. In early June, after Police Officer Zhang Bo took over, she forced Dafa practitioners to sit still for hours on a bench in an empty downstairs room, formerly a work room. Beginning in early July she started to allow Dafa practitioners to be forced into doing slave labor. At first she gave extra tasks to each of the squad leaders or night guards of Dafa practitioners saying, " As long as you can make them work you can use any methods you like: pretending to cry, deceit and lies, or making threats are all OK. First just let them help you." Later, when they found that most Dafa practitioners weren't fooled by this ploy, they announced openly, "These tasks are for you. You have to work whether you like it or not." Meanwhile the instructors and criminals in every squad employed every possible tactic, from gentle persuading to forceful threats. Dafa practitioners, as always, have continued to resist. On July 19, male policemen entered the camp and were stationed in the 7th team. Each squad was allocated one male officer and sometimes an additional policewoman. In one of the squads, the instructor and the criminals cursed Falun Gong and snatched their copies of the New Articles, saying, "If you don't work, we will confiscate them from you." In fact, since November 1999, earlier groups of Dafa practitioners had been engaged in forced labor from early morning till late at night.

Because of pressure from public opinion, the Wanjia Camp closed the 7th and 12th teams' small cells. But by changing names and locations and emptying the third floor of the 7th team for a "training center unit," the result, in fact, was another small cell. What is even worse is the presence of the male police officers. On the evening of July 20 at about 9 o'clock, four or five desperate screams from a woman who had been gagged were heard from the third floor. Everyone in the 7th team could hear them. Only a few days ago, weeping sounds and excruciating screams were heard again. It had just been discovered that several practitioners from the hospital had been locked up on the third floor. Among them are Xu Fengjuan from Shuangcheng. Since in earlier times two hunger striking practitioners Shang Yuqiu and Wang Lixiu were tortured by being hung by their handcuffs for extended periods, as well as forced to write the "three statements" against their own consciences, it was suspected that the police are using this same method of torture!

The male officers force Dafa practitioners to drill while shrieking in their faces, "Our highest goal is to transform you, the lowest is to discipline you, sometime it's necessary to use some forceful means!"

While more and more people in the world have come to know Falun Gong is good, the evil people in the Wanjia Forced Labor Camp are ignorantly trying to enforce the persecution against Dafa practitioners. Three Dafa practitioners have been killed by the Wanjia police so far, and many have been paralyzed or maimed as a result of torture.

There are 32 people altogether on the third floor. Those who have been transferred from the 12th team for forced brainwashing include Chen Jie, Liu Hongyu, Cai Zhifu and an unknown number of others. To carry out the forced brainwashing the police are hanging Dafa practitioners while tying them up and cuffing them. The sounds of beatings can be heard at midnight. Dafa practitioner Wu Yajie, who was kidnapped from the hospital, is being tortured as well.

We appeal to the world's voices of justice to work together to end this new round of the criminal activities by the Wanjia Labor Camp. Your kind calls have very significant effects.

Dafa practitioners worldwide, let's send forth our righteous thoughts together to eliminate the evil in other dimensions that is controlling the criminal police in Wanjia.