(Clearwisdom.net) After I moved to this city, I rented a room from the owner of the house I now live in. One day not long ago, the owner suddenly told me that he would like me to move out quickly. They had found a new job that was quite far from their house and they wanted to move closer and live with their relatives. This way they could rent out the whole house to someone else. Even though I told them I did not mind living together with whoever was going to rent the house, they refused my offer. Finally they offered to rent the whole house to me at a price nearly equal to my whole month's salary. I certainly could not afford it. Finally they apologized to me for all the inconveniences. I calmly told them, "It is alright. There isn't a whole lot that you can do."

On the same day, my company arranged for me to go on an out of town business trip for two weeks. These two weeks were very critical to me since I would not be able to get Teacher's new articles in a timely fashion, nor could I get access to Minghui Net. I felt I would be isolated from the rest of the Dafa practitioners in the world. Worse yet, I had to look for another place to live after I returned from my business trip. I would have to move. Each time I moved, it would take me a whole month from the time of finding a place to packing and finally settling down in the new place. This would have a serious impact on my Fa- rectification activities. It was very clear that this was just another form of interference and disruption for me by evil factors in other dimensions. After realizing this evil plot I sent forth righteous thoughts specifically aimed against them that night. Then, I went to work as usual and prepared for the pending business trip.

The house owner informed me just the evening before I went on the business trip, "We decided not to rent the house to others for the time being. You are welcome to continue living here as usual."

The next day I arrived at my destination as planned. The local department manager told me, "We just made an impromptu decision that you only need to stay here for a few days. You can go back on the weekend." I could say nothing, but felt wholehearted gratitude to Teacher after I heard that.

Hence, seemingly difficult arrangements were changed in an instant. Now I could continue to study quietly, browse Minghui Net, send righteous thoughts and clarify the truth. The forceful attempt by the evil beings to disrupt me once again fell through.