• No Harm After an Electric Shock

I am a Dafa practitioner. On July 20, 2002, I was received an electric shock due to a wire insulation problem when operating an electric saw. High voltage electric current passed through my left hand and tongue, two black marks appeared underneath my tongue, and on the forefinger and thumb of my left hand.

At that moment, I suddenly thought I am a Dafa practitioner and shouldn't die in this way! I shouted in my mind: help, dear Teacher! One co-worker switched off the electric current after finding that I had been electrocuted. I fainted and regained consciousness about three minutes later. People came over to me out of genuine concern, but I said that I was all right and stood up to continue my work. They felt that it was unbelievable. I told them that I am a Dafa practitioner and my Teacher saved me. All the workers on site witnessed the power of Dafa, they said from their hearts: "Falun Dafa is really miraculous!"

  • No Danger in a Car Accident

Once my son rode in a car to help me deliver Dafa materials. At a railway crossing, the car collided with a locomotive whose rail cars had accidentally been severed from it. The car was a mangled piece of rubble. My 180 centimeter / 90 KG son was thrown out the rear window and fell to the ground more than 10 meters away. The driver was so scared that his face turned pale. Onlookers sent my son to a hospital, and the doctor found him to be in good condition without any internal injuries. The driver said to me, "Your son must have accumulated a huge amount of virtue, otherwise he should have died in the accident. He saved my life. I have been a driver my whole life, and I have never seen such a miracle."

I told him, "I am a Falun Gong practitioner. We have righteous thoughts. No matter what happens, we are always blessed."

The story spread through the city, and the accident showed the power of Dafa.

  • No Injury after Falling from a Bridge

At around 11AM on May 22, 2002, a 40-year-old Dafa practitioner "A" went home after work. While walking on a railway bridge, suddenly one of the concrete plates under her feet broke and she fell through about 8 meters.

She was sent to a hospital, and the doctor who examined her found her to be just fine. The doctor thought that it was too surprising. Her colleagues talked a lot about the issue saying, "Falun Gong is really super!"

What is even more unbelievable: The day after the event, the local police station called the security section of her work unit saying that: Dafa practitioner 'A' in your unit committed suicide on a bridge, and a newspaper reporter would be coming at 5pm for an interview. The security personnel thought that the police's request was too absurd and refused to let the reporter in. All the locals knew that the police had made themselves into laughingstocks. Those who knew the truth understood through this event how the government creates such lies using the media.