(Clearwisdom.net) Under the situation that the verdict of the Hong Kong "political trial" has been repeatedly postponed, Falun Gong practitioners from Berlin came to realize that we should fully utilize this period of time to clarify the truth and expose the evil to all people.

On the morning of August 10, Falun Gong practitioners from Berlin went to the park in front of the Berlin Cathedral to hold activities to clarify the truth and collect petition signatures, aiming at the Hong Kong police's groundless accusations against Falun Gong practitioners due to the Jiang Zemin regime's pressure.

The Berlin Cathedral is very close to the Berlin City Hall. The most famous tourist attractions in Berlin are located in this area. Automobiles and tourists from all over the world keep passing by in an endless stream. Tourists and college students from a nearby university especially love to come to the park in front of the Berlin Cathedral to take a break.

An old Swiss gentleman: I watched the report from TV.

Around 11 AM, when we just set up the display boards, our first visitors--two old gentlemen from Switzerland--came to look at the photos showing the Hong Kong police using violence to arrest Falun Gong practitioners. One of them pointed to the Swiss practitioners' photo and said to me, "I watched the report on TV. One can see with a glance that the one from Berne is a nice person." After the gentlemen looked at the photo showing practitioners peacefully appealing in front of the Chinese Liaison Office but were accused of "creating public obstruction", they immediately signed the petition letter calling on Hong Kong to dismiss the political trial.

A young man from Belgium: I'm really happy that I can do something for you.

A young man from Belgium talked with a practitioner for quite a while. After signing the petition, he asked us about the URL of Dafa websites. He said to me before he left, "I think the Hong Kong trial is a big incident. I carefully listened to what you told me. I'm really happy that I can do something for you. I hope my signature will be helpful for you."

A lady from Korea: I will write to the Hong Kong government, this (the trial) is so ridiculous.

After viewing the photos on the display boards and learning that the Falun Gong practitioners were groundlessly accused in Hong Kong, a young lady from Korea said, "I'm so indignant. I will publish my article on internet and write to the Hong Kong government. This (the trial) is so ridiculous.

A Young German girl: I'm determined to sign the petition!

A young girl, approximately 15 years old, attentively listened to me explaining the true facts about the Hong Kong trial. I asked her afterwards, "We are now collecting petition signatures to call for an immediate dismissal of the unjust Hong Kong trial, would you like to sign it?" At that moment, the young girl's grandfather came over. The girl looked at her grandfather and seemed to ask for his permission. So I told the elderly gentleman about the Hong Kong incident and the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. The elderly man said to me, "Wherever I went, I have been very cautious. I don't want make any trouble. I've lived 40 years under the Eastern German Communist Party. I understand this kind of thing. But now I'm old and I dare not take any risk. I can't afford to take any risk." I said to the elderly man, "Isn't it true that the totalitarian ruling relies on terror and deceit? If all of us are frightened, the vicious people will have no hesitation to do anything. Isn't that right?" Without waiting for her grandfathers reply, the young girl took the petition letter. While signing it, she said with firmness, "No matter what, I'm determined to sign the petition!"

The Silent Reply from Chinese Tourists.

A Chinese tour group was taking pictures in front of the Berlin Cathedral. Some of them sat on the stone steps in the park. While waiting for their companions, they watched us practicing the Falun Gong exercises without any expression on their faces. Another practitioner and I took some truth-clarifying booklets and VCDs and went over. We said hello to them with a smile. Still showing no expression on their faces, the few people sitting on the steps looked at us without saying a word. I suddenly remembered what one of my friends from China told me. He said that before the Chinese people go abroad for a visit, they have to accept the so-called "education of foreign affairs" from their workplace, their municipal police station and Beijing. The first education they receive is that they are not allowed to talk with Falun Gong practitioners and the second one is that they are not allowed to read materials about Falun Gong. I smiled and asked them, "Is it true that you are not allowed to speak with us because we practice Falun Gong?" They were still silent and had no expression on their faces, but they did not move either. I suddenly felt great compassion toward them. I said to one of them, "We are not asking you for anything." The person still had no reaction. I thus handed a truth-clarifying booklet to one of them and gently said to him, "Please read it. The chance is really rare. If you don't feel comfortable to bring it back, you may leave it in Germany. The truth of the 'Self-Immolation' is written in the booklet." Beyond my expectation, although he did not show any expression, he accepted the booklet and started reading it. Seeing him so attentively reading the booklet, I said, "Please read it slowly, I'm going now." At that moment, he finally raised his head and thankfully nodded to me.

A German child: I also want to learn Falun Dafa.

An approximately 12-year-old German child stopped at our truth-clarifying display boards. He carefully read the content on the boards. I handed him a newsletter and told him to give the newsletter to his parents to read. He said, "Sure" and left with satisfaction. Five minutes later, he came over again. I thought that he must want to learn more about Dafa, so I came to chat with him. Pointing at those photos, he said to me, "It is so bad that those policemen used violence to treat these people doing meditation. The people doing meditation are really innocent." I told him that the Falun Dafa practitioners in the picture traveled thousands of miles to Hong Kong from Switzerland to protest the Chinese dictator's order of "kill Falun Gong practitioners without mercy". What they did is to help tens of millions Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted in China and what they did is selfless and noble. When I told him that people should follow the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, do not lie, but always consider others first and always tolerate other people and Dafa will bring all of us wonderfulness and happiness, he was very happy and kept nodding. The child once again left with satisfaction. About ten minutes later, the child led his mother to our table, hoping to get more information. A practitioner gave him a small Dafa calendar. He read the German words on it carefully: "Fa Lun Da Fa, Wahrhaftigkeit (Truthfulness), Barmherzigkeit (Compassion), Nachsicht (Forbearance)". Then he said: "I also want to learn Falun Dafa."

An Elderly Chinese Gentleman: In Changchun City, Signs Reading "Self-Immolation is a Fabrication" Can Be Seen Everywhere.

A father and son came from Changchun. We gave them the booklet and VCD. The elderly gentleman happily accepted it. He told us, "I read Zhuan Falun before. It is a good book that teaches people to be good, to be tolerant, and don't take advantage of others. People who learn Falun Gong would not lead a dissipated life. If everyone behaved like this, the entire society would become good." What was more encouraging for us were the following words he told us, "In Changchun, you will find truth-clarifying materials in your mail box every two or three days. Banners or signs reading 'Falun Dafa is good' and 'the Self-Immolation is a fabrication' can be seen everywhere in streets and avenues. The policemen don't want to interfere with it. They just turn a blind eye to this." The elderly man sincerely said to us before he left, "I'm so happy to see you here and besides, we have something in common."

Attachment: Petition Letter

Appealing to Hong Kong Government and Hong Kong People

Obstruction of traffic -- A ridiculous accusation

Attacking the police?


The free citizens of the free world appeal to the Hong Kong people and Hong Kong government, please safeguard your own rights.

Please do not allow the Falun Gong practitioners to be tried in court for safeguarding the freedom of speech.

Please do not allow Jiang Zemin to extend his persecution of Falun Gong to Hong Kong.

Falun Gong's principle is: Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance.

This principle should be recognized, practiced and safeguarded by the entire world.

August, 2002, petition in Germany.

I use my signature to support this appeal: ---------------------------------------------