[Note: This article was prepared by Guoguo's father based on what Guoguo, a young Dafa practitioner, saw during his cultivation.]

Guoguo: Many Buddhas, Taos, Gods, and many Kings and Lords have not yet assimilated to the Fa. They still do not know about the new cosmos, neither can they see the beauty of the new cosmos, but they know Falun Dafa is good and they are willing to learn more about Dafa.

Father: Master Li started spreading the Fa in 1992. When Master Li preached the Fa at many different places, Master Li's Fashen [law body] was also teaching the Fa in other dimensions, and Buddhas, Taos and Gods were all listening. So, why haven't they assimilated to the Fa yet?

Guoguo: After listening to the Fa, many Buddhas, Taos and Gods have changed their mentalities and assimilated to the Fa; so they have entered the incomparably wonderful new cosmos, but many high-level beings are still constrained by the old cosmos' principles and notions and have not changed their old mentalities yet. Just like some people in the ordinary society, they learned Dafa in the past, but after they returned to human society, they could not let go of their attachments and have not started their cultivation. Some of these high-level beings are from the same space-dimensions that fellow Dafa practitioners correspond to and some are not, but they all have predestined relationships with Dafa practitioners.

Father: Do those beings who are not in the corresponding space-dimensions of Dafa practitioners also have predestined relationships with Dafa practitioners?

Guoguo: Yes. In order to save the cosmos and the sentiment beings, our compassionate Master had also arranged Dafa practitioners to establish karmic relationships with the sentient beings at different levels. When I saw the Kings and Lords from layers upon layers of other dimensions, I felt they looked very familiar to me, just like the relationship between good friends in ordinary human society, but without the human mentalities. The old cosmic forces have restricted most of them. Many high-level beings have changed their attitude toward Dafa and practitioners, stemming from the truth-clarification work and sending forth righteous thoughts by Dafa practitioners. I saw that when many Dafa practitioners sent forth their righteous thoughts, their bodies of Gods in other dimensions were making hand signs to persuade and save the high-level beings in the cosmos, and only those extremely bad beings were destroyed. Many high-level beings were moved to tears. It is relatively easy for those high-level beings, in the space-dimensions that Dafa practitioners represent, to attain the Fa. Once their mentalities changed, they could get Dafa books which are different from what we see in the human world; the words inside the books up there are golden. It is very difficult for those high-level beings that are outside the space-dimensions represented by Dafa practitioners to attain the Fa. Some of them have changed their attitudes toward Dafa, but because the representatives of their massive groups of beings who came to the human world have not attained the Fa and have been lost in the human world, the old cosmic forces took this as an excuse to block them from attaining the Fa. For the past several days, as soon as I turned on the cassette player and listened to Master Li's lectures, many high-level beings also came to listen. Among them are the multitude of Kings and Lords from numerous groups of sentient beings and even Kings or Lords from yet higher levels; their levels are very high, so high that many ordinary people would consider it inconceivable.

Father: How can we better help them?

Guoguo: Do well in clarifying the truth! This can change ordinary people's mentalities and thus make more high-level beings in the cosmic bodies that these ordinary people correspond to change their mentalities. Also do well in sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evils and eliminating the old cosmic forces' interference. Meanwhile, we can read out loud when learning the Fa, either in loud or low voice, but our thoughts have to be pure. Playing the audio or videotapes of Master Li's lectures, or the truth-clarifying VCDs, is even more effective. When the high-level beings have changed their mentalities, the old cosmic forces would find no more excuses to restrict them. After the high-level beings have assimilated to the Fa, they respect the Dafa books very much. Everyone holds the books with both hands. When the Dafa books are presented to them, everyone kneels down, lowers his head and then holds the books over his head.