(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, financial problems, attachments to family members, serious illnesses of elders, and my young child's unremitting fever made it very difficult for me to cope. Below I would like to share my understanding from my recent cultivation experiences with fellow practitioners. Please kindly point out anything improper.

I was not unduly worried when my child first developed a fever, dismissing it as just a tribulation. But the fever persisted despite all measures to bring down his temperature. I began to have doubts, worrying that the child might sustain damage. I was also encountering serious interference when I studied the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts. I realized that I needed to eliminate the interference, but my righteous thoughts were not strong enough. I constantly worried about the child's condition and could not conduct myself as the Fa required.

Then a practitioner reminded me that it was due to the evils' interference and to eliminate it with righteous thoughts. This made me realize that my tribulation was the result of the evil making use of my attachment to cause interference and inflict damage, thereby persecuting Dafa. My responsibility to save the sentient beings, and the shortcomings in my cultivation could affect the salvation of the sentient beings and cause their persecution by the evil. The child's cultivation had a direct relationship with me as a mother. I had been sending forth righteous thoughts, but they were not strong, and often mixed with the attachment of sentimentality to my family and my own selfishness. They were not pure, and thus had little power.

I was determined not to let the evils succeed. I began to get rid of the interference by increasing the frequency and duration of my sending forth righteous thoughts. I then felt that I was steady and unmovable. Sitting in the full lotus position, with my hand erect in front my chest to eliminate the evils, I felt that I was as solid as a rock.

When I purified my thoughts, I strongly believed that Master was always right beside and guarding me. When bad thoughts began to appear, I immediately repelled them and got rid of them. In the ten minutes of sending forth righteous thoughts, I could recognize all the interference. I steadfastly safeguarded Dafa, and then extended the duration to clear all the evil interference from my surroundings. When I sent forth righteous thoughts from the standpoint of safeguarding Dafa and saving the sentient beings, I felt the great power of my righteous thoughts. My child's fever subsided rapidly. There were other practitioners at my home who were not as diligent and did not see the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts. I asked them to do it with me at the same time to get rid of the evil interferrence. The results were very good.

I deeply appreciate Master's benevolent guidance. Whenever we encounter any interference, we need to look inward. "When encountering problems, you should just look for problems with your thinking. They are definitely the cause of your problem." (Falun Dafa -- Lectures at the Australia Fa Conference 1999). "If you can look for causes in yourself and correct yourself when you are faced with conflicts, then you have passed. If you can let go your attachments in all tests, then you have passed." (Lecture at the Australia Fa Conference 1999). One should constantly eradicate human ways of thinking, and transform one's thoughts to be like those of divine beings. I also realize that it is a cultivation process each time I send forth the righteous thoughts. It is a very solemn, sacred activity which steadfastly safeguards Dafa and establishes a Dafa disciple's mighty virtue.

We must thoroughly expose the evil and not allow them any room to flourish. I hope that all fellow practitioners can recognize the interference and completely eliminate the persecution.