(Clearwisdom.net) Hong Kong, August 14, 2002 -- On August 12, 19 Falun Gong practitioners began a hunger strike to protest against the Jiang Zemin Regime exporting its dictatorship and persecution of Falun Gong to Hong Kong.

By 2:00 PM today, about 7 practitioners will have been on hunger strike for 48 hours. Another 7 practitioners joined them on Monday and Tuesday. Included with these are two overseas practitioners, one from Canada and one from the United States. The 3 Swiss practitioners stopped their hunger strike after 42 hours, and they are continuing with the sit-in.

Over the last two days, more than 100 local practitioners visited Chater Garden and joined the sit-in to show support.

The hunger strike will end at 8:00 PM today.

A verdict in the trial of the 16 practitioners is expected tomorrow morning at 9:30 at the Western Magistracy.

Contact practitioners on hunger strike: LU Jie +852 9853-8289