Cultivation is serious. It is of utmost importance that a cultivator is able to deal with problems with righteous thoughts. At present, under pressure and in complicated environments some students took the path of evil enlightenment and caused great damage. This has made many students who did well in the past fall victim to them, bringing losses to Dafa as a result.

One who takes the path of evil enlightenment usually quotes a sentence or a section of Teacher's words and uses this to support or prove his points. Yet the fact is that he totally twists around the meaning of Teacher's words. For example, in "Enlightenment", Teacher wrote: "The Dao and the demonic ways are taught at the same time and in the same world. Amidst truth and falsehood, enlightening is important." The sentence "Amidst truth and falsehood, enlightening is important" clearly points out that the righteous way and demonic ways are taught in the human world at the same time. Some things that you see are true and the rest are false. People have to be able to distinguish which one is the righteous Fa and which one is the demonic way, and this is an issue of which school of teaching one enters. Yet, some students who have enlightened along an evil path singled out the sentence, "Amidst truth and falsehood, enlightening is important," disregarding the sentences before and after it. They made incorrect associations merely from the literal definitions of the words, which led to their evil enlightenment of "some words are true and some are false in Teacher's articles, enlightening is important." As a result, they complied with the old forces arrangements, cut themselves off from Dafa, and ended up harming themselves.

Righteous enlightenment developed from the Fa is attained when we cultivators maintain pure and clean minds, and follow Teacher's requirement to study the Fa with a calm mind and without any notions. The righteous insight achieved from this cannot at all be attained with human notions, attachments, human logic, or reasoning; it is something that the Buddha's, Dao's and Gods in the Fa remind us with when they see that we have reached the requirement of a certain realm.

Another kind of evil enlightenment is that even though some of their understandings of a certain sentence or a certain section of Teacher's words is right, they only take into consideration a small part of Teacher's words and disregard Teacher's other words. Dafa is all encompassing, systematically forming into one entity. They should not consider it from just one perspective; they should consider it from the overall perspective of the Fa. Otherwise, they will easily go to the extreme, and in serious cases this can lead to the path of evil enlightenment. For example, two older ladies who were locked in prison were very steadfast. But they considered their imprisonment Teacher's arrangement, thinking that all their paths were arranged by Teacher instead of opposing and breaking away from the old forces' arrangements. Thus they were detained in the prison for a long time. We can tell from this that they have a very limited understanding of Teacher's words regarding this problem, neglecting Teacher's several articles of a later period. They have actually failed to understand the Fa from the overall perspective of the Fa. There is another person who was very diligent in studying the Fa and practicing the exercises before July 20, 1999. He was a veteran practitioner, yet his understanding of the Fa often focused on one aspect and neglected the rest. He often went to the extreme. After July 20, he was persecuted by the evil and quickly became a collaborator (those who once practiced Falun Dafa and then later aided in the persecution). He is still committing evil deeds to this day, poisoning the minds of practitioners in brainwashing classes. Although there aren't many of them, the impact they have on society is very bad. Teacher's guidance on an issue is often spread out in several different books, gradually going in depth in a systemic way. We should not enlighten from just one perspective, but instead we should consider the whole perspective of the Fa.

Currently, in brainwashing classes and forced labor camps, collaborators and their accomplices often use quotes out of context and focus on very specific areas to brainwash Dafa practitioners. They deceive practitioners into going along with their thoughts, eventually taking them down the path of evil enlightenment. To break through this situation requires that Dafa practitioners understand Teacher's Fa as a whole. When facing the clamor of those people who try to brainwash Dafa practitioners, just don't pay any attention to them. Neither listen nor respond. Send forth righteous thoughts in your mind to eliminate the persecution.

Finally, I hope fellow practitioners will be vigilant and overcome these demonic obstacles. We should not use the superficial meaning of Teacher's articles and quote Teacher's words to defend ourselves and protect our human attachments, and we should not give the evil any opportunity to take advantage.