(Clearwisdom.net) During cultivation, fellow practitioners encourage and share experiences with each other so that we can strive forward together. This is a good phenomenon. However, because we still have human hearts, consciously or subconsciously, we can develop sentimental attachments among ourselves. We should pay close attention to this issue; otherwise it will become an obstacle in our path of cultivation.

Take myself for example: one time I heard that two practitioners who were very close to me were arrested. I felt a deep sorrow for them and wished to help them by sending forth righteous thoughts twenty-four hours a day. But with respect to the arrest of other practitioners to whom I was not so close, I was indifferent and was not so diligent in sending forth righteous thoughts. This is a sentimental attachment. How could I send forth truly pure righteous thoughts while holding such an attachment? Among fellow practitioners, such a differentiation should not exist, as it could easily lead to selfishness.

Sometimes practitioners are forced to keep in close contact because of Dafa work. Once everyone gets close to each other, some practitioners tend to say nice things and also like to hear good things. This way everyone feels comfortable. In addition, some practitioners like to criticize others while not being willing to take any criticism themselves. This is indeed influenced by sentimentality and has the negative effect of creating sentimentality among fellow practitioners. We should adjust and correct ourselves on this matter.

It is the Fa's requirement for us that practitioners form one solid body. The relationships will not be pure if we mix sentimentality into them. Moreover, we will not be able to reach the Fa's requirement of being "selfless."

Our Teacher treats all his students in the same way and we all deeply understand this during our cultivation. Then why can't we treat others the same with a compassionate heart?

Thus, we have to take the "sentimentality" among practitioners lightly and even completely remove it. If instead, we treat each other with immense compassion, we will be more pure, sacred and powerful as one body.

Let us keep Teacher's words in mind: "Remove reputation, material interest, and sentimentality through cultivation, Ascend to the firmament upon Consummation." (Hongyin). Let us strive forward on the path of cultivation!