(Clearwisdom.net) In the final phase of Fa-rectification, it is critical to efficiently clarify the truth to the precious Chinese people on a large scale. The main body of Dafa practitioners and the main evil elements are in China. Along with the continuous righteous thoughts and truth clarification, human beings not under the control of the evil are more apt to accept the truth. However, if we don't clarify the truth to them in a timely manner, their minds will still be clouded by the propaganda instilled by the evil and their future will be horrible.

Overseas practitioners utilize many means to clarify the truth to the people in China. However, the areas covered and the intensity of truth clarification do not meet the requirements of Fa-rectification. How to clarify the truth to more people within a short period of time? Utilizing the Internet is most efficient. Nowadays in China there are fifty million Internet users. Every minute there are over one million people chatting online. The Internet flow rate in China is second to the United States. The number of personal computers in China exceeds that of Japan.

The old forces don't dare to oppose our truth clarification. However, if we don't do well in what we are supposed to do, the old forces will have an excuse to interfere. Recently, Jiang's regime has begun blocking Internet caf s, strengthening the blockade on the Internet. The blockade is getting tighter and tighter. The Internet, however, cannot be blocked. Actually, the Internet is always open. Yet we have not sufficiently taken advantage of it. The Internet surpasses other means in various aspects.

  1. Instant contact: we can make immediate and direct contact with Chinese people.
  2. Extensive contact: without much cost, we can reach Chinese people from all walks of life and from all regions.

Meanwhile, no pressure is imposed on those people we contact. It can reach some populations and areas that cannot otherwise be reached. It reaches many people in an instant. As a result, the current network technology can be used to clarify the truth and it is suitable for any practitioner with various familiarities in computer technology. Even the computer illiterate can post Dafa materials and clarify the truth on the Internet after a short period of training. Practitioners in China risk their lives to hang banners or post flyers on the street. We, on the other hand, can accomplish so much with so little. If we don't do it, don't we fall short of the gods' expectations? No matter what we do overseas, our purpose is to expose the persecution and to save sentient beings. Therefore, it is very important to balance our group effort, as our workload is extremely heavy.

According to recent feedback from those clarifying the truth on the Internet, an increasing number of people who don't know the truth are longing for it. People have been waiting for a long time. It is our duty to do more. The Internet is a weak link in the evil forces, yet it is also a battlefield that the evil forces want to guard tightly. In other dimensions, the Internet has its manifestation. If we can send forth righteous thoughts together to eliminate all evil that clamps down on the Internet, it can be utilized more efficiently by Dafa. Meanwhile, it is hoped that those practitioners who cannot participate in the online clarification would help by sending forth righteous thoughts.

We should spend more time, doing it with persistence. Our personal interests and skills should not restrict us. We are capable of doing anything that Dafa requires of us. The wisdom that we have developed through Dafa is omnipotent. Let us advance beyond ourselves. Technical types should not be attached to the technical levels of the tasks, and technical novices should break through his or her old notions. We only have one purpose -- clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings. Only with our collective efforts, can the online truth clarification be solid, broad, and efficient.