During these past several years of my cultivation in Dafa I have run into many people and interesting things which displayed the greatness of Dafa. I have realized that all people have come to the Earth for Dafa.

1. In the winter of 1998, an African American girl came to our practice site. Once she told me that she had a dream while doing the meditation exercise. In the dream, she saw herself as a little girl living happily with her family in a courtyard some place in China. She told me, "You were also there." I realized that everyone we meet has a strong predestined relationship with Dafa, and most likely with oneself.

2. In 2000, a Westerner who is a doctor of natural healing came to our Falun Gong practice site. He told us that he lived nearby and had been practicing Falun Gong for quite a long time. He said that he had learned Falun Gong through the Internet, and has been recommending Falun Gong to his patients. In addition, he called members of Congress according to suggestions on Clearwisdom website to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa to them.

3. In the fall of 2001, we met a girl from South America while handing out Dafa truth clarifying materials to people near a park. It then started to rain and as people ran to take shelter, we immediately sat down to send forth righteous thoughts. At that moment, the South American girl appeared again and had tears in her eyes and she took some pictures of us. About 12 minutes later the rain stopped. The people who took shelter from the rain then accepted our truth clarifying materials with a different attitude.