July 30, 2002


[Editors' note: Throughout history, the theme that a nation's fate is closely tied to the virtue of its leaders and people has been prevalent in both Chinese and Western culture and lore. Many wise, virtuous rulers have led their nations to peace and prosperity, while conversely, moral decay in high places has led to the downfall of great empires. These articles are meant to serve as a reminder and wake-up call for those who are leading or participating in large-scale acts of violence and injustice. As Teacher Li Hongzhi said in Essentials for Further Advancement, "When people do not have virtue, natural calamities and man-made disasters will abound."]

(Xinghua.net, July 30, 2002) 15 people died and 7 are missing due to severe flooding in Baicheng County, Xingjiang Province. The estimated direct economic loss exceeds 20 million Yuan (about 2.5 million dollars).

In Xingjiang province, heavy rainfall seriously affected 7 regions and 15 counties, which includes many cities. The torrential rain lasted for days, covering a large area. Beicheng County, within the Weigan River basin, received the most damage. The flood destroyed most of this county's irrigation systems, and more than 60,000 residents do not have drinking water.

The supervisor of the Flood Prevention and Drought Resistance Agency said that the influx from the Weigan River's four tributaries was the highest ever recorded. 150,000 people from the Weigan River region were summoned to defend against the flood. At the time of this report, the disaster was worsening.