(Clearwisdom.net) On January 1, 2001, while I was clarifying the truth about Dafa in Tiananmen Square, I was arrested and subsequently detained at Beijing Changpin Jail. On January 2, I was transferred to Fengtai Police Station in Beijing. There were ten practitioners in the police station and we all refused to state our names and home addresses. We went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. To punish us, the policemen forced us to sit or lie down on the cement floor, and didn't allow us to wash our faces or brush our teeth for five days. During that time, we suffered all kinds of torture. On the night of January 5, the police beat us the whole night. It was snowing outside. Two policemen took turns beating me. One of them wore his uniform, and the other wore plain clothes and a pair of black gloves. I was not allowed to wear my jacket. One of them made me squat, pressed his leg against mine and burned my face a few times with a lit cigarette. Even now, my face bears the scar. He then burned the inside of my mouth and my lips, which caused the skin to break due to the intense heat. Later, he burned my neck and face with a lighter. He also pinched the area around my eyes, forehead, and other parts of my face with his fingers. Then pulling my hair back, he shoved me to the ground, knocked me against the wall and a cabinet, slapped my face numerous times, and hit my body and legs with a wooden stick. My legs became so swollen that I couldn't take showers for several months. They pressed a wooden stick hard against my neck and I pushed it away. Infuriated by my action, they dragged me outside where it was freezing cold. They poured water onto my neck and fanned me with a wooden sign. The torture lasted until the morning of the following day. Meanwhile, they made me stand on the ice with only socks on. It was very cold and my socks stuck to the ice. In the following days, we were stripped to our underwear and made to stay outside in the morning and at night. While outside, a policeman tried to force me to shout Teacher's name. I refused. For that, the head police officer slapped my face three times.

I was sent to Liaoning Masanjia Forced Labor Camp on July 9, 2002. The guard responsible for brainwashing practitioners used all kinds of ways to torture me. From July to September, I suffered immense torment. There were times that Zhang Huaizhi, a guard, stripped me of my upper clothing and made me kneel. He then put either a water container or a small chair on my head. He shoved me to the ground, sat on my body, and slapped me numerous times. The guards asked me to sign the "statement of repentance", and I refused. They denied me sleep for one week and took turns watching me. From January to May 2002, I was confined to a solitary compartment twice. The first time lasted for a month. My four limbs were shackled to an iron chair. During the second time, I was there for five days and my hands were handcuffed as well. I was kept on the ground floor and locked up for three days and nights. To protest, I went on a hunger strike for six days. Both my legs and my feet were severely swollen. Dai Yuhong, a supervising guard, hit both my breasts. Zhang Yan, another supervising guard, stuffed a towel into my mouth and slapped both my cheeks, leaving me in pain and in tears.

On the morning of June 3, at about 7 o'clock, Zhang Yan, a supervising guard, called my name from outside the windows. She said I was not allowed to speak. I recited Teacher's articles. Zhang Yan then came in and said that I was challenging her authority. She asked several inmates to use socks to stuff my mouth. Meanwhile, Zhang pressed her hands hard against mine that were handcuffed, which was very painful and caused swelling. Zhang then pinched my nose. As she kept stuffing my mouth with socks, I had to fight for my breath. Zhang then asked two other guards to handcuff my hands from behind. With my mouth stuffed, she had a former practitioner who had turned against Dafa from upstairs by the name of Li Xiaoli stuff a roll of toilet paper into my mouth and hit my head. With my swollen and injured mouth, I was unable to eat for two days after that. I told her that I was going to write a letter to report this to the head of the labor camp. Zhang responded, "The head will say that I have done a wonderful job if she finds out about this."

As we are being tortured in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, we appeal for the support and help from people from all walks of life. We hope that all Dafa practitioners will use their righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors behind the torture in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.