The Trial Against Falun Gong Practitioners is Contaminating Hong Kong Society

The Falun Dafa Association in Canada calls for the Hong Kong Legislative Committee to stop the groundless trial against Falun Gong practitioners. The 16 Falun Gong practitioners conducted a legal and peaceful appeal for justice and the end to the persecution; therefore, they should not have been detained in the first place. If Hong Kong yields to the political pressure from Jiang's regime and helps him accomplish his mission to eradicate Falun Gong, the entire Hong Kong society will suffer unimaginable consequences. This is not only about upholding one group's legal rights' it is also about protecting Hong Kong's democratic system and ensuring a good future for all of society.

The world is watching Hong Kong. It has been only five years since Hong Kong's return to China, but Jiang has already reneged on Deng Xiaoping's promise of "One Country, Two Systems" and letting Hong Kong remain unchanged for 50 years. To trust such an unscrupulous dictator to keep his word would be very dangerous. Those who stay silent in the face of this persecution may feel perfectly safe right now, but tomorrow they also may become the victims of the dictator. Like an old Chinese saying implies, "When the lips are gone, the teeth will feel the coldness:" if Falun Gong practitioners are being persecuted today, who can guarantee such persecution will not happen to other Hong Kong citizens tomorrow?

All Dafa Practitioners Around the World are One Whole Body; the Voice of Justice Has No Nationality

On August 5th World Journal reported from Washington D.C.: Today, Falun Gong practitioners appealed in front of the Hong Kong Economic Trade Agency Office and protested the Hong Kong government's slanderous accusations against Falun Gong practitioners who protested in Hong Kong. They said certain factions in the Hong Kong government were "assisting the evil" and are speeding up the disintegration of the "One Country, Two Systems" policy. The protesters also pointed out that this trial is the touchstone for the "One Country, Two Systems" policy, that the political pressure is accelerating the disintegration of this policy and dictatorship is replacing law. "Even if you feel you are quite safe at present, tomorrow you might become a victim of autocracy."

A letter from a Chinese American individual to the Hong Kong judge had this to say, "After serious and independent investigation, I was deeply shocked and could not understand the fact that the 16 Falun Gong practitioners were accused of 'blocking traffic' and 'attacking police,' when all evidence before me shows that it is the Hong Kong police officers that were blocking the street and attacking innocent citizens. From our heart we know that the law is supposed to punish evil and praise the good, we don't want to see kindhearted Hong Kong people give up their precious conscience before unreasonable political pressure, and therefore see further results of decline in morality and a continuous slide of Hong Kong's economy."

Clarify the truth to Chinese people in a deeper and broader way.

Stories about clarifying the truth: I gave an old gentleman and his family some Dafa truth-clarifying literature, clarified the truth to them, and pointed out the doubtful points about the "Self-Immolation". After listening, they expressed their agreement. The next day, I brought with me a truth-clarifying VCD and a VCR to the gentleman's home. He suggested we go to his nephew's home to play the VCD. It went very smoothly. Well, really! The Fa saves people with predestined relationships. While I was there, his nephew's 3-month-old baby kept crying. I thus calmed my mind and sent forth righteous thoughts. Soon after, the baby stopped crying.

A predestined relationship in the mountains: A short while ago, as part of my job, I accompanied some foreign customers on their visit to a famous mountain. We invited a young lady to be our tour guide. The young lady knew quite a lot about the history of Buddhism and Taoism. She said that she had a predestined relationship with Buddhism. There was a monk who wanted to take her as a disciple, but she refused. I understood that this young tour guide had a predestined relationship with Dafa. I talked with her about many cultivation practice topics. She showed a great interest while listening. Dafa has already changed her notions. I hope that she will make the right choice and go on the right path of cultivating the righteous Fa.

Righteous thoughts and righteous actions

Safeguard the Fa and offer salvation to people. One day, a few old friends of mine came to visit me. After they were seated and tasted a cup of tea, they started a conversation about Falun Gong. I therefore clarified the truth to them, exposed the intentions of the evil people, analyzed the arguments and principles in the human society, shared with them my own cultivation experiences, displayed the beauty of Dafa, and provided them with many examples of retribution received by those who persecuted Dafa. After listening to what I said, they looked at each other in blank dismay, and said: "After hearing what you said, we have become more clear-headed. It seems that we should not be confused and fooled. At the critical moment, we should also stand up to speak for justice and support you, the good people." Another friend said: "Not until today did I know that there is such a great difference between people who learn Falun Gong and those who don't. It looks as if we have to borrow some Falun Gong books to read." Thus they borrowed all my Dafa books.

Walking Out of a Guangzhou Police Station with a Righteous Thought: On April 25, 2002 when I was distributing Dafa truth-clarification VCD discs, some wicked policemen kidnapped me and took me to a police station. As soon as I entered the police station, a policeman from a sub-bureau started his illegal interrogation. I faced him, looking right into his eyes all the time. He complained of a headache right away. As the "interrogation" went on, his headache became more and more serious. I constantly sent forth righteous thoughts, telling myself that I must be able to leave this devil's den. At about 3:00 to 4:00 a.m., my handcuffs fell off as I was sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all evils. Then, I walked out of the police station.

News from China

At around 3:00 p.m. on August 7, 2002, the sky in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province suddenly became very dark. With a long roll of thunder, flakes of snow fell down in the rain. The snowflake phenomenon lasted about 10 minutes. [Editors note: The term, "Snowing in June," is an old Chinese proverb meaning that something so brutal and outrageous has occurred that the heavens also want to show their strong displeasure by dropping freezing snow on the earth even in the summer as a token of punishment.]

From July 29 to August 3, 2002, large scale storms swept across most of Jilin Province. The water levels of rivers and reservoirs in Yushu City increased rapidly. Along the rivers and reservoirs, Jiaohe City, Jilin City, Yushu City and some villages and towns of Fuyu County were severely flooded. The second biggest floodwater in 50 years occurred in Shulan City. The flooded area covered nearly 50,000 hectares (1 hectare = 2.471 acres). Over 1,700 houses collapsed and above 89, 000 houses were damaged.