August 4, 2002

( The evil destroyed a material-making site that had been functioning very well. We experienced great loss. After the incident, we thought about the cause.

The fellow practitioners working at the material site are capable, rational and have always paid attention to issues such as safety and coordination. They have studied the Fa consistently and paid serious attention to sending forth righteous thoughts. When other sites had problems, they would often go over to help as well. With righteous thoughts and righteous actions, they have overcome many tribulations. Then why did this incident happen? The main reason is because this site was directly connected to Minghui Net, and the evil has always been trying everything possible to interfere and destroy work related to Minghui Net, and they gave so-called "tests" to fellow practitioners who are involved in such work. Some fellow practitioners, though, have not yet paid full attention to this kind of "extra persecution." That is the main cause.

Prior to this incident, the person in charge of the site was not in a good state. He could not study the Fa with a calm mind and was experiencing karmic elimination. This state lasted for about a month. He didn't realize the evil tested him because of his role at the site. Instead of directly sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the persecution, he gave up his Dafa work and devoted himself to studying the Fa. This lack of understanding from the perspective of Fa-rectification made the evil think this site was "easy" to manipulate, so it began to interfere and persecute even more licentiously.

After that, fellow practitioners working for this site had different opinions. Several other practitioners who had contact with them discovered their problems and pointed them out straight away. They advised these practitioners to stop their work, calm down, study the Fa and eliminate their attachments, all very good and timely advice. These practitioners failed to clearly realize that this was also the evil's interference, and therefore they forgot to directly send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the persecution and interference. When the practitioners concerned realized there was some problem with themselves, they did not consider the problem from a broader sense of Fa- rectification, and, instead of determinedly eliminating the interference, they decided to stop their Dafa work at hand and to sit down and study the Fa. One day later, one practitioner disappeared; immediately after that, the site was destroyed.

Looking at it from the perspective of every individual Data practitioner, all of us together form one body, and every one of us is responsible for our own part in the incident. In the past, when the site experienced some problem, we would tend to look at the problem per se, and would think that it was because the practitioners who worked for the site didn't do well and they had omissions, and we never truly thought about [how this relates] to ourselves. Besides making truth-clarifying materials, the site also printed articles from Minghui Net, edited them and passed them to practitioners who could not get online. The workload was very demanding, after a long period of time, it was bound to affect their Fa-study. Many practitioners are used to sitting back and relying on others. They wait for others to produce ready-made materials for them, thereby unconsciously adding to the great pressure and burden for those practitioners who make truth-clarifying materials. On the other hand, seeing so many people waiting to read articles [from Minghui Net] and to distribute flyers, the practitioners at the site felt great responsibility. Their attachment to contentment, to the work itself and to the outcome would easily grow. The greater the scope of their work, the more attachments they would develop, and the evil is waiting to take advantage of them.

If every one of us can take up a part of the work, we would be able to relieve the site at least half its workload. That way, those practitioners would have time to study the Fa and would not have to work all day. More importantly, this would allow all of us to feel that everyone is part of Dafa as a whole, and all of us are doing our best to do what we are supposed to. We are all cultivating and there is nothing for us to show off. We should only diligently progress together. Regarding this incident, actually the xinxing of each of us played a decisive role. This is absolutely not an individual problem of practitioners working at the site, because the old forces have always aimed at damaging Dafa, therefore our improvement as a whole is the key to eliminate the evil persecution of Dafa by the old forces. During Fa-rectification, every one of us must be truly and sincerely responsible for the Fa, for ourselves and for all sentient beings.

In the past, when a material-making site was destroyed, we would rush into establishing another one, change over to another group of people, move to another place and begin to operate again. Now we don't see it this way any more. We have Dafa and righteous thoughts. We also have infinite wisdom and we should not allow the evil to chase us. We should be proactively eliminating the evil in other dimensions and benevolently offer salvation to people at the same time.

As for our area, we think smaller and more scattered-apart material sites are better suited to the current situation. With groups of two, three or four practitioners, equipped with one to two computers and one small printer, we are flexible and can download articles from Minghui Net and make truth-clarifying materials. The amount of work is about right and it doesn't affect Fa-study and sending forth righteous thoughts. Practitioners are familiar with one another, so it is convenient for them to get in touch, to exchange experiences and to coordinate. More importantly, by doing so, everyone is able to take a part and it enables everyone to realize the responsibilities of a Dafa practitioner from their hearts. Another consideration is that it will stimulate practitioners who seldom come out due to various reasons to quickly catch up and participate in Fa-rectification so that we can truly improve as a whole.

Dafa created everything and Dafa is capable of doing anything. Dafa practitioners have infinite wisdom. Many practitioners, upon realizing their own responsibilities, began to learn [how to use] computers and do editing. They found that things that appeared complex and difficult were actually not very hard to learn. Many practitioners, who never touched computers before, quickly learned how to operate them. Looking at the truth-clarifying materials they had printed themselves, some practitioners were moved to tears. They truly felt they were making a greater contribution in Fa-rectification. This is Dafa's benevolence. Of course, we should have a variety of material-making sites and all of these play irreplaceable roles. Larger sites can make truth-clarifying materials and books that require more professional skills, as well as materials that need to be produced in large quantities. Large sites and small sites can complement each other and coordinate their work. They will each have an appropriate amount of work; that way they will be safer and will be more effective and powerful.

We validate Dafa during cultivation, and cultivate through validating Dafa. Using wisdom endowed to us by Dafa, we should bring our abilities into full play, improve as a whole and ascend as a whole, eliminate the old forces' evil arrangements and everyday people's notions, break away with everyday people's restrictions of formality, and benevolently offer salvation to all sentient beings. We should do even better in all that we should do.