1. While a young man was fixing my computer, I asked him about his opinion concerning Falun Gong. He said, "I think Falun Gong is remarkable. Jiang persecutes them so harshly, yet they still keep cultivating."
  2. Once I asked an elderly lady running a noodle stand if she believes what they said on TV about Falun Gong. She shook her head, "If all of them are as what was shown on TV, murderous or suicidal, who would still practice it?"
  3. A middle-aged gentleman doing some bicycle repairs told me of his poor health condition, so I suggested that he practice Falun Gong. He said that he has no time. I asked, "You don't believe the TV propaganda, do you?" He shook his head, "There are one hundred million people practicing. Many central government officials are deeply into it. If it is not good, why would they practice?"
  4. Another time when I had my bike repaired and wanted to clarify the truth to the mechanic, as soon as I started the conversation, he was clarifying the truth to me. He told me that the 'self-immolation' is slanderous and false, and that there are a large number of people cultivating Falun Gong, many of who are highly educated.
  5. One time I was in a small restaurant, where 7 or 8 workers were having a meal. I started to talk, beginning with the topics of reincarnation, prehistoric culture, deities, etc. They continually asked many questions. More and more people surrounded us to listen to our conversation. They admired my knowledge and asked me what degree I have. I told them that I knew these because I had read one book, and that it made me know so many things. Some of them guessed right and said, "If it really is that wonderful, we should cultivate it ourselves." I then told them some facts about Falun Gong. Some asked me where they could find Zhuan Falun. Others requested that I write down Teacher's newly published poems for them. After I did that, they took the paper and respectfully folded it up. The person standing next to them said, "You memorize them tonight. Tomorrow lend that piece of paper to me, so that I can memorize them as well." I am so happy for them.