(Clearwisdom.net) In Vancouver there are many young practitioners. Even though the youngest ones are only a few months old, still in the cradle, they still come to the practice site that is located at the Chinese Consulate and experience sharing conferences with their moms. The older ones are about 10 years old. They participate in almost all Dafa activities. They are very serious while sending forth righteous thoughts. Even though sometimes they are still mischievous, in terms of clarifying the truth and spreading Dafa, they are quite serious. You see from the photos below that they participated in the Canada Day parade. How happy they were on the float!

Young practitioners participating in Vancouver's Canada Day ParadeYoung practitioners walking in parade in Vancouver Chinatown

Six year-old Jia-jia, Tong-tong and Ying-ying walked in the parade holding Dafa banners. Also, a 6 year-old boy on the float demonstrated the Dafa exercises for the entire parade without stopping.

Jia-jia meditating in front of Chinese ConsulateJia-jia, Tong-tong and Ying-Ying at the Chinatown practice site. While their parents were practicing, young practitioners were holding Dafa exhibition boards

The youngsters do not lag behind in Dafa activities. Their good understanding and enlightenment also make their parents and other practitioners sometimes blush.

Earlier this year after a parade in another city, while Jia-jia's parents were busy packing up materials, another practitioner kindly took her home. When the parents were finished they realized their daughter wasn't around but they soon learned that another practitioner had taken her home. The parents were happy to see their daughter and worried that she missed them, but Jia-jia said to them peacefully, "It is ok. I am a Dafa practitioner."

In middle of June, local practitioners sent righteous thoughts outside the Chinese consulate around the clock. An elderly practitioner brought a young girl named Yiran to the consulate twice a day. The bus fare alone cost $10. One day, the elderly practitioner hesitated thinking to save the money for one trip. But young Yiran insisted, "Go, it is for Dafa."

Lanmei is a junior high school student. One day practitioners were studying the Fa in a practitioner's home. Lanmei gathered the young practitioners who were playing around the house and said, "We young practitioners also need to study Fa and listen to the Fa. We represent many beings that come to obtain the Fa. If we do not study Fa and do not cultivate well, those beings ..." Looking at their attentive faces, I was deeply touched, I was amazed by this junior highschool student's deep understanding of the Fa and the children's attentiveness.

These young practitioners were born into Dafa practitioners' families, as was likely arranged from a remote age. However, they are still children, and as parents of Dafa practitioners we have the responsibility to offer guidance and to upgrade together.