(Clearwisdom.Net) July 20th marked the 3rd year of the Jiang Regime's persecution of Falun Gong. On this day, Dafa practitioners in China clarified the truth to the people using various means.

We made VCD's with the following programs: "The April 25th Peaceful Appeal" [to the government on 4/25/1999], "Truth about the so-called Tiananmen Self-immolation", "Behind the 1400 Cases" [of deaths blamed on Falun Gong by the government propaganda], and "The Introduction of Falun Gong in China". We also included some truth-clarifying flash animations, and documents about breaking through the internet blockade and other selected stories to clarify the truth.

July 20th was a Saturday; and we decided to go to the two computer malls in the city, where many people were coming and going. We stood at the entrances and handed out the VCD's to people as free gifts. Other sales agents were also distributing advertisements. Security personnel did not pay special attention to us. Soon all the discs were gone. We were regretful that we did not bring more.

The effort of using the VCDs to clarify the truth proved to be a success. Here are some lessons learned:

  1. Maintain strong righteous thoughts, remain calm, so no interference can disturb us.
  2. Pay attention to our own image. We dressed neatly and formal, just like people in business usually do.
  3. Don't spell out the content. People become curious and will watch when they get home. This also allows practitioners enough time to leave if necessary.

Most people in computer malls are computer users. We can distribute the truth effectively and generate a snowball effect. Also, shoppers come from different places; distributing VCD's to them won't trigger any alarm at any particular region and draws attention to the evil. In addition, these places normally receive larger crowds on the weekends, various sales promotions make our efforts less noticeable.