(Clearwisdom.net) A Japanese Falun Gong practitioner Yoko Kaneko (whose Chinese name is Luo Rong) was illegally detained at Beijing's Haidian Police Department for distributing truth-clarifying materials. During her detention, she did not give in to the policemen's beating, cursing and threats. She went on a hunger strike, and demanded for a release with a verdict of "not guilty." She refused to cooperate with any of the evil's demands and orders. One day when she was escorted to go to the restroom, she bumped her head on a sharp point of the heating radiator, which caused a deep cut on her head that bled heavily. Later her head was bandaged and she was sent to the hospital of the Beijing Police Department. In the hospital, she was further abused.

The dark and gloomy basement of the hospital an area for jailing the detained prisoners. Now many Falun Dafa practitioners are illegally and secretly detained there.

Luo Rong continued her hunger strike without taking water or food. Her blood pressure reached 220 mmHg and her head was still severely bruised. However, the policemen refused to release her. Instead they restrained her two hands and feet with handcuffs and shackles, respectively, onto the bed. Her two hands were tightly cuffed, with one hand going up from her lower back and connecting to the other hand coming down from her back causing excruciating pain. The handcuffs caused deep bruises around her wrists. Her two feet were separated and cuffed to each side of the bed. Her feet were lacerated and bruised by the shackles. Since she was handcuffed so tightly, she could not move even a little bit. It was so painful that it felt as if her entire body had been torn apart. Very often she was in so much pain that she lost consciousness. Since her body was locked so tightly with both handcuffs and shackles, there was no room for a bedpan under her body. As a result, the bedclothes were covered with both urine and her menstrual blood as well as blood from the infusion she received. The corn porridge that spilled when the policemen force-fed her covered all her clothes. Very often she was soaked with sweat, causing her to have foul body odor. Her body was sticky and wet all over and her hair was stuck to her face. She demanded that the policemen loosen her handcuffs and shackles so that she could use the bedpan, but was refused. The vicious nurses brutally inserted a catheter into her which caused excruciating pain in her abdomen. Even though Luo Rong shouted aloud in pain in protest, they still did not stop torturing her. She was force-fed with a nose tube. Her hands, arms and feet were swollen because of the injections they gave her. The female nurses also cruelly pinched her belly and thighs to cause her further pain and discomfort. A doctor pulled on the already tightly cuffed shackles, causing Luo Rong to scream in pain.

As soon as she arrived at the hospital she refused to accept the policemen's persecution and would not allow them to use the handcuffs and shackles. Every time she tried to remove the needles and nose tube she was verbally abused by the policemen and doctors. Sometimes when they put her on intravenous drip, she had to be injected several times. Several nurses and doctors pushed her down forcefully. Facing the severe persecution, she kept her compassion and told the nurses who tormented and pinched her: "If you think that it will make you feel better to pinch me, you can pinch me. But I would like to tell you that 'Good will be rewarded with good and the evil will be met with evil.'"

Through much effort Luo Rong was able to use her cuffed hands to pull out the IV tube. Very often several bottles of the infusion liquid spilled onto the ground. Though the nurses cursed and beat her when they found out, she did not give in. She told them, "Every time I pull out the needles and nose tube I am resisting the arrangements by the old forces, and it is a blow to the evil old forces." Once when Luo Rong pulled out the IV needles, all the infusion liquid flowed out on the ground. She felt dizzy and her face turned red with a high fever. She was in so much pain that she could hardly speak. Later she enlightened to the principle that it was the old force that imposed the notion upon her that if she refused to have the infusion, she would feel pain. She became clear-minded immediately and did not feel the pain any more. In this way, she kept her righteous belief and righteous thoughts while in the human world, and broke through the arrangements by the old force. She had a dream in which she was walking barefoot in the rain. She understood that this was a hint from Master that she had overcome the evil (the word for "evil" and for "shoes" sound the same in Chinese are homophones.)

Later the policemen from the Haidian Police Department came to the hospital to deceive her, saying that they would send her back to Japan and that she would leave for Japan in Harbin. They deceived her into cooperating with them and she told them the details of her trip to China. The policemen put down her words in writing, and as a result, she was illegally sentenced to a forced labor camp.