(Clearwisdom.net) Many American local governments organized celebration activities on July 4, Independence Day. Falun Gong practitioners from Los Angeles participated in the Independence Day Parade in Ontario, California and celebrated the holiday with local community groups.

Ontario is located east of Los Angeles, some distance from central Los Angeles and San Gabriel where most Chinese Americans live. It is well known for its annual Independence Day Parade. Falun Dafa's beautiful float, peaceful music and soft dances were very appealing to the audience. On the float, a young practitioner sat in the lotus and other practitioners demonstrated the exercises. A banner reading, "Falun Dafa" and "Truthfulness Compassion Forbearance" led the group.

During the parade, practitioners also set up display boards beside the street to introduce Falun Dafa and expose the Jiang-Luo regime's evil persecution so that more American people would get the opportunity to learn the truth.