The United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, sponsored by a Danish non-governmental organization IRCT (International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims), falls on June 26. Ever since the day was first recognized by the United Nations in December 1997, many activities have been held around the world on this day with the theme of "Together Against Torture."

This year IRCT also held a large conference in which many human rights campaigners delivered a speech. Members from every Danish political party also spoke at this conference.

On this special day, Swedish and Danish practitioners came to a busy square in downtown Copenhagen to tell people the true facts of Falun Gong. This was the second year that Dafa practitioners took part in the activity. We wore lapel pins bearing the words of "Against Torture" and displayed SOS banners and photos of the persecuted practitioners. Some of us practised the exercises whilst others handed out informative materials about the practice and persecution of Falun Gong, and still others were talking to passers-by. We cooperated very well.

Because it was not one of the weekend holidays, many practitioners, particularly those who had travelled from Sweden, had to overcome various difficulties to come here for the purpose of introducing Falun Dafa to the local people. In the downtown square, there were numerous passersby. In addition to Danish locals and visitors from various countries, there were also many Chinese people. Now we could clearly feel that Chinese visitors seldom refused to accept information about Falun Dafa because the evil forces in other dimensions have been eradicated to a great extent. Even though some of them might refuse to take the materials at first, with our friendly explanation mostly they would accept the materials. This made us understand how important our compassion and perseverance are when we clarify the truth to the Chinese people. We cannot let one human being miss the chance of understanding the Fa just because our mind is not upgraded to the required level. For many Chinese visitors, this might be their only chance to understand the Fa.

That evening we arrived at the place where IRCT was holding a conference. Because of the importance of the conference, people concerned about human rights from many fields and professions attended the conference. After the September 11th event of USA, there has never been such a strong protest against violence and torture. Reflected in the conference was the awareness of social justice and righteousness. This was also a good occasion for us to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa. During the break, we talked to many politicians and activists, giving them information about Falun Dafa. Moreover, during the question-and-answer session after one speech, a Western practitioner talked about his being denied entry into Iceland. He then called on everyone to pay attention to the damage to world security and democratic human rights caused by Jiang Zemin's state terrorism. The practitioner's statement got massive recognition from attendees of the conference.

Later, through communication with other practitioners, we understood that there are still many people who are unaware of the truth of Falun Dafa and of the seriousness of the persecution. We still need to broaden and widen our methods of truth-clarification in order to meet the standard of being a Dafa practitioner. Now time slips away very quickly. We have to make the best use of every second and minute to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa to international governments, media, organizations and citizens. Truth-clarification must be done in a more delicate and comprehensive way to give all beings a correct understanding of Dafa and thus a chance of salvation. However, how to clarify the truth delicately and comprehensively is closely related to every practitioner's advanced understanding of the Fa in his personal cultivation.