My name is Zhang Lingling, and I'm a resident of Mengqiu Village, Xinji City, Hebei Province.

In April of this year, China Central TV's "News Investigation," a program intended to defame Falun Dafa, aired on several networks in both Hebei and other areas. It was also featured on some newspapers, creating a negative influence among the people.

To expose the evil and clarify the truth, I will uncover CCTV's lies one by one.

1) Making of the film

In early April, 2002, 40 to 50 officials from CCTV, Hebei's "610 Office" [An agency created specifically to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute powers over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems], and various officials of the local government appeared in my village and offered the following incentives to my husband Li Xiaodong:

1. Three years of tax deductions

2. Public assistance welfare for my family

3. No future harassment from the police

At the same time village officials were also pressuring my husband to take the offers and said, "Please don't hurt our image, and don't stain the reputation of the village." [Note: due to the policy of implication, the village officials will be pressured and held accountable if something doesn't go as the higher officials plan] My husband gave in under their intimidation. They shot the film according to their prepared script. When I heard some people were shooting a film, I warned them, "Talk to me first if you want to make a film about Falun Gong, because only we practitioners have the right to address this subject." Several people dragged me away, and forced me to stay at my in-law's house.

This is how their so-called "News Investigation" was created.

2) About "I am mentally-ill"

The "report" claimed that, "Zhang Lingling became mentally-ill after practicing Falun Gong. She is ill at home, and is unable to be interviewed."

At this time I would like to sincerely tell everyone, "My body is very healthy, and my state of mind is very well." Indeed, it's because of their fear that I'd expose their treacherous lies that they sent me away. Then they claimed that I had illnesses and couldn't be reached for an interview. The picture of me on television was taken ten years ago before I obtained the Fa. In order to reach their selfish goals, they dared to concoct these lies. It had no true facts whatsoever.

3) About Li Xiaodong Hurting Himself

My husband Li Xiaodong is not a Dafa practitioner. After I married him, sometimes I did not handle our differences correctly, and our family life wasn't always harmonious. In 1996, I was fortunate enough to obtain Dafa, and through cultivating Dafa, my body became healthier, my temper improved, and my family life also became harmonious. I was able to have a happy and peaceful family.

My husband Li Xiaodong witnessed my changes after practicing Dafa, and he was delighted. In support of my cultivation, he bought a stereo and a VCR. However, the happiness didn't last, as on July 20, 1999, the evil began its persecution.

In October 2000, I appealed for Dafa in Beijing and was arrested on Tiananmen Square. I was illegally held in Daxing and Yanqing Detention Centers where I was brutally beaten, shocked by electric batons, and tortured. To this day I still have scars on my body. After a few days I was deported back to my village government. They again beat me with wooden rods and whipped at my spine and back. I was beaten severely and had trouble putting on clothing. My family was fined 6000 Yuan along with a 400 Yuan deportation fee [The average monthly salary of a Chinese worker is approximately 500 Yuan]. Bruised and battered, I was sent to Xinji City's Detention Center.

In order to have me released as soon as possible, my husband tried to find some political connections, and in the end spent 5000 Yuan more, 2000 of which went to the detention center. This made our already difficult life even more challenging.

After I was released from the detention center and returned to my village, I was forced to enroll in a brainwashing center. The ruffians tried to "convert" me by threatening me with more fines and detentions. My husband was heartbroken after seeing my injuries. He personally witnessed how Tiananmen police viciously treated those who appealed, and he feared for my life. He just couldn't understand, "Why does such a kind-hearted woman have to be detained and receive such unspeakable torture? She is already so upright, but they insist on 'converting' her. What kind of person do they want to 'convert' her to?!" Innocent civilians are robbed of their right to be a good person. My confounded husband saw no justice in the Jiang regime, and chopped his finger off to in protest [Editor's note: this is an ancient Chinese way of showing the strongest protest]. Isn't this clear evidence of Jiang's scoundrel political system? After being intimidated and conned by the government, my husband participated in filming with their planned script. Ultimately, he committed a mistake that harmed both himself and others.

True facts expose fabrication, and in the end lies are still lies. No matter how much the TV networks broadcast and how many pages the newspapers publish, lies cannot be obscured.

Recently, the Shijiazhuang City TV network again visited my village, aiming to fabricate more propaganda to poison and deceive the people. To uncover all of their dishonesty and further clarify the truth, I have left my home to clarify the truth wherever I go. I want to let everyone in China and in the entire world receive the truth and recognize the nature of the persecution.