(Clearwisdom.net) Wan Guifu was a senior engineer in Lanzhou City Engine Factory, Gansu Province. Six months ago, he was tortured to death while being held in the Lanzhou First Detention Center (also known as Xigouyuan Detention Center).

Wan Guifu was healthy in mind and body at the time of his detention. Over fifty years old, he still slept on the top of a bunk bed, and moved around swiftly, using no effort to get around. However, after being tortured for almost one year in the detention center, he became increasingly weaker.

Several days before Wan Guifu passed away, he was extremely weak and had no appetite. Guifu was not on a hunger strike, but Lu Jun, the head of the fourth team and a very vicious person, did not report his deteriorating health condition, and instead blamed him, saying he was intentionally looking for trouble.

The truth is, Lu Jun transferred him from room number 2 to number 9 and hinted to the criminal inmates there to beat him up. During the beating, Wan Guifu was severely injured in his abdomen. He started passing blood in his stool and became unable to eat, since he would vomit as soon as he ate. Under this condition, the police still treated Wan Guifu as if he were hunger striking and continued the torture. Finally, Wan Guifu became unconscious. Upon seeing this, the police then rushed him to the prison hospital in Gansu Province. Wan Guifu was unable to take any food while in the hospital. However, the doctors continued to scold him, blatantly maintaining that he was on a hunger strike and was purposefully refusing to eat. He died three days later. An autopsy showed that there was a large amount of fluid in his abdomen resulting from severe torture.

The Lanzhou police were responsible for brutally torturing a healthy and youthful man to death! Who will tell this news to his children and grandchildren, who still wait, expectantly hoping he will come home safely some day?

Jun 29th, 2002