(Clearwisdom.net) There was a mighty big mountain on which I was walking along a path covered with thorny undergrowth and sharp stones. The path became steeper and steeper. As I was reaching the top of the mountain, I looked back and saw a sweep of ocean behind me. The path above me was covered with clouds. Holding onto the side of the path with both hands, I saw that the tip of the mountain was a flat cylindrical shape with a beautiful flower on top. I was extremely happy because I was almost at the top. As I was climbing up using all my strength, a cactus suddenly appeared in front of me and pricked my face and chest. I automatically pulled away and took a step back. I held tightly onto the edge of the path and did not fall off. I looked down and saw that the mountain dipped into a bottomless abyss. I then looked at the ocean and saw many people hanging in the sky. There were so many of them and they were so far away that I could not see their faces clearly but I clearly felt that each one was watching me anxiously. The expressions on their faces left an imprint on my memory.

I had this dream a few months ago. I had just been transferred to a new work unit and the person from the Political Protection Unit had ordered my manager to make me write the so-called "promise statement." My thoughts were in turmoil and I was only able to pass this test after studying Teacher's new articles and sending forth righteous thoughts. I did not sign the statement. I thought of Teacher's hint in my dream and realised that if I wrote the "promise statement" how dangerous it would be! I did not give much thought to the people who appeared in the sky above the ocean at that time.

After studying Teacher's Touring North America to Teach the Fa I suddenly realized: aren't they the sentient beings in my world? The expressions were filled with so much anxiety that I cannot describe it in words. It was a mixture of waiting and hoping.

More and more I am beginning to feel the importance of my duty. I can only cultivate diligently and not let down our venerable Teacher's benevolent salvation and the hope of our sentient beings.

May 30, 2002