June 26, 2002


My dearest wife,

How are you doing? How is everyone doing?

I often think of you. I know you have been under much pressure. Whatever happens, you must believe in Dafa and believe in me. So please endure the hardship for a little while longer, the difficult days will soon come to an end. There is no need for you to try to force anything. Please help mother and father with tasks in the fields and with the housework. Please leave everything else to me when I come home and please do not worry too much.

Do not be fooled by the fabricated propaganda shown on TV. I know what is going on both inside and outside of China. Fa-rectification is continuing without stopping. The purpose is to save those people who are deceived by the evil lies. When I was still home, you were very supportive of me and believed that Dafa is righteous. I was truly happy for you. Please strengthen your righteous faith and cherish the precious Fa-rectification period.

For the past six months that I have been here, there have been 50-60 criminals coming in and out of my cell. Regardless of how they fight against each other, all of them treated me with respect. I often tell them some of the principles that I have learned from Dafa. Sometimes I recite for them an article from Essentials for Further Advancement. I have proved the righteousness of Dafa with my own righteous actions and words. None of the criminals say bad things about Dafa and they all agree that I am a good person. Other than not lining up and not memorizing the rules in the cell, I set a good example in all other aspects. I have never felt bitterness, as many people support me and care for me. I have taken a righteous path, and we will be able to enjoy a beautiful future. It's not far away now.

Recently, there have been rumours that there will be illegal charges laid against us. It doesn't matter what the outcome is and we will not be moved. It is not up to them to decide when we will go home. We held a hunger strike and shouted out righteous words for the purpose of resisting the persecution carried out by a few police in the labor camp. We did not break any law and we have done nothing wrong. Moreover, some of us have done remarkable deeds.

My dearest son,

There are many things I would like to tell you, but the most important thing is that you must believe that dad has done the right thing. Although you are still very young and you should not have endured this sudden attack, you must be strong, must not be mischievious and you must help others with a kind heart. Also, there has been lots of propaganda defaming Falun Dafa and you might have been affected by it in school. Regardless of whether you are at home or at school, and regardless of how others treat you, you must always treat others with kindness. Dad will make it up to you when he comes home. Please give this letter to your grandpa and uncles. They must be very worried for my predicament, and reading my letter should comfort them.