News From China

1. Personal experience by an elderly village woman. I could not read before. After I obtained Dafa, I could read most of the Dafa books. All my illnesses, including partial blockage of my trachea and inflammation of the veins, were cured. I was arrested four times because I went to Beijing four times to appeal, and I was illegally sent to a forced labor camp for more than ten months. In the labor camp, practitioners were beaten, force-fed and brutally tortured. In August 2001, I walked out of the labor camp in an open and dignified manner.

2. A letter to the "610" Officials: Jiang has abused his power and created an unprecedented disaster in human history. Most of you come from law enforcement agencies, and you are supposed to be the people who carry out justice. Instead, you are being used as Jiang's hatchet men. The "610 Office" is an illegal organization, and the persecution that you are carrying out is a crime. We advise you to judge right and wrong according to the rule of law and your conscience, and be responsible for your own future.

Practitioners Exchange Insights

The applause rose again. It's time for the director and me to go out and play "Falun Dafa is Good," the major musical performance of the concert. No matter how great a musician is in the world, no one else had the opportunity to sing in the first song praising Dafa in such a setting. I felt exceptionally lucky and honored that I could sing for the great Master, Dafa and Dafa practitioners. In the waves and surges of the music, in righteous thoughts and belief, the song was presented successfully. This song moved and touched the audience.

Commentaries on Current Issues

Commentary on the Hong Kong government barring Falun Gong practitioners from entering the territory. Because of the illegal suppression of Falun Gong by Jiang's regime, millions of kind Falun Gong practitioners still suffering the persecution have been deprived of chances to appeal. Falun Gong practitioners from all over the world went to Hong Kong to join the peaceful appeal during the period when Jiang visited the territory, which not only is a righteous action to safeguard human morality, justice and basic human rights, but also provides a serious test for the policy of "one country, two systems" in Hong Kong. However, what people saw was an incorrect decision being made by the Hong Kong government that actually makes "one country, two systems" seem like empty talk.

Freedom of speech has become the "target at the SAR (Special Administration Region)". In the annual report on freedom of expression in the SAR, the Hong Kong Journalists' Association expressed their concern about the erosion of freedom of speech. The press called on the administration to pledge not to enact a proposed anti-subversion law, which it said would further restrict freedom of the press. The series of actions that the Hong Kong government has taken will damage the SAR's international reputation.

Reference Materials

Reference materials: Corruption ends the political career of Wang Xuebin, who is closely related to Jiang. Wang Xuebin, head of the Bank of Chinese Construction, is involved in a case of serious corruption and embezzlement of 10 billion Yuan. This corruption occurred through the Bank of China in New York and was discovered and exposed by the US government. At present the Chinese Superior Court has formally filed the case. Wang Xuebin is a close friend of Jiang. Wang and his wife are invited to join Jiang each year for a New Year's banquet.

Astronomy researchers observed that physical constants have changed over time. This discovery by the international team of astronomy might very well change people's concepts of basic natural law and rewrite physics textbooks. It also challenges some basic theories about the universe.