(Clearwisdom.net) The annual International Dragon Boat Festival was held on June 22 and June 23 in Toronto. Each year during these two days, over one hundred thousand visitors came to Lake Center Park to enjoy the event. The practitioners in Toronto have utilized this opportunity to demonstrate the exercises to the visitors at the ferry dock and distribute truth-clarifying materials. Different from previous years, young practitioners also participated in the activity this year.

In the early morning when there were not many visitors on the island, the young practitioners arrived there and played happily like other children. They played games and ran around on the lawn like little happy birds. The parents had prepared much food and drink. The children's cheerful voices and happy laughter were heard in the park all morning.

At 1 P.M., the Dragon Boat Race began, and visitors gathered on the island. The young practitioners put on their exercise suits and began to demonstrate Falun Dafa exercises on the sidewalk in the park. The sunshine was bright and their exercise suits were too heavy for the weather. But the young practitioners who were playful and restless minutes before now became serene and peaceful. They seriously did the exercises in good order, although sweat dripped down from their faces. They did the exercises again and again following the music.

The pure and earnest field they generated immediately attracted many visitors. Many people took photos and asked for details. Other practitioners used the opportunity to promote Falun Dafa to the visitors. The children also went to several other places to demonstrate the exercises. Seeing their performance attracting so much attention, the children were very much encouraged, and they were very happy to take part in the Fa-rectification process. The innocent children didn't know how to express their feelings with fancy words, but their sincerity touched everyone's heart.