(Clearwisdom.net) On the afternoon of July 2, 2002, Japanese Practitioners held a press conference in Tokyo to expose the illegal and violent Repatriation of peaceful Falun Dafa practitioners and called on Hong Kong authorities not to follow Jiang's thugs to persecute Falun Gong.

Starting from June 28, 2002, six Japanese practitioners with legal identification consecutively went to Hong Kong but were detained at the Hong Kong Immigration Entrance. The Hong Kong authorities used deceptful and violent means to forcibly carry them onto the airplane with stretchers and wrapped in canvas tarps. One practitioner said that when she was detained at the Hong Kong Airport Immigration, she asked for the reason but the police refused to explain. She wanted to use her legal right to see an attorney and opposed any violent actions. The authority pretended to agree with her but later still repatriated her with force. During the process, the authorities took away her IC audio recorder and deleted the recordings to destroy the evidence. Another practitioner said when she denounced the violent behavior of the Hong Kong Immigration Department, the Hong Kong authority shamelessly asked her, "Do you have evidence?" She showed the attendees the bruises on her wrists and legs left by the rough handling of over ten policemen and policewomen two days ago.

All above evidence exposed the fact that Hong Kong authorities are very guilty in following Jiang's Regime's order to illegally repatriate Falun Gong practitioners.

Press ConferenceBruise on the leg.