(Clearwisdom.net) On the afternoon of June 12, we, four Swedish Dafa practitioners left Riga, the Capital of Latvia. Taking the Poland Airline, we arrived at Warsaw, the Capital of Poland, which was our transfer station to Gothenburg, Sweden. We needed to wait for 6 hours for our next flight.

Before the trip, we had made arrangement to spread Dafa at Warsaw. A Swedish practitioner originally from Poland forwardly provided us lots of help. We brought with us hundreds of copies of Dafa truth-clarifying literatures in both Polish and English.

Once we got off the airplane, we took a bus downtown and went to the busy Cultural Plaza. While walking towards the train station, we handed out Dafa booklets. Because we do not understand Polish while many Polish people do not understand English either, we were only able to tell them that Falun Dafa is good through smiles, hand gestures and simple language.

One after another, people happily and curiously came over to ask for Dafa materials. Within less than 3 hours, almost all of the several hundreds of Dafa truth-clarifying materials were distributed. A taxi driver had been watching us for a while. When we asked him whether he would like to take a copy of Dafa literature, he waved his hands. But after we left with smiles, suddenly he seemed to remember something and immediately came out of his car, caught up with us and asked for a set of materials. After reading a few lines, he thanked us for quite a few times. Then he satisfactorily returned to his car and continued to read the materials carefully.

Although we only stayed in Warsaw, Poland for a few hours, the Polish people's longing for Dafa left us with a deep impression. This also let us understand more deeply about the historical responsibility that we shoulder as Dafa disciples in the period of Fa-rectification.