Note: This personal letter was written by a female Dafa practitioner who has been illegally imprisoned in a detention center. After being imprisoned for over half a year, she tried everything possible to have someone take this letter out of the detention center. Since her family has received it they changed their negative view toward Dafa and have clearly recognized the deceptive skills of Jiang's vicious regime in fabricating rumors. Her mother said, "If my daughter had not written to tell us the truth, we would not have known how inhuman they [Jiang's regime] really are."


Dear Family,

It's been three months since I was arrested. I know all of you are concerned about me, worrying about my situation.

After I was arrested that evening, I was imprisoned at the detention center at about three o'clock in the morning. From that day on I refused to eat, in protest of my unreasonable imprisonment. On the sixth day they ordered someone to force-feed me by inserting a tube through my nose into my stomach. At seven o'clock in the evening, I was taken to the county police department to be interrogated by the police, where they tried to force me to tell them where the Dafa books and other materials came from. In the beginning, four officers forced me to answer. I replied that I found the materials on the ground, but they did not believe me. When they saw that I was not afraid of them, they poured a bottle of liquor (60% alcohol) down my throat. First, several of them pushed me down onto a big iron chair and then cuffed my hands and feet on the chair. One of them held down my head, one used one hand to grasp my hair, and the other hand to pinch my nose, to prevent me from breathing. When I had to breathe they would pour the alcohol down my throat. When I had to breathe again, they would pour again. Finally, when they saw that I could not breathe anymore, they stopped.

Later, when they saw me regaining a little bit of my strength, they lit many cigarettes, and put them by the side and in front of my face. The lit cigarettes were so close to my skin that they almost burned my face. When I could not stand it any longer and moved a little, my chin was burned. They did this repeatedly, many times. When they were tired they would rest for half an hour. Afterwards, none of them could stay in the room, because it was full of smoke. I felt dizzy, as if my head was going to explode. I had nearly fallen unconscious, when, after midnight, they ran out of cigarettes and liquor. They then wanted to pour beer down my throat. One police officer said, "She has drunk enough." He was afraid that I could not withstand any more. I faintly heard them saying, "Piece of cake." As soon as they saw me closing my eyes or lowering my head, they would pour cold water on me. I had not eaten for 6 or 7 days, and the alcohol in my stomach was burning intensely and caused me to vomit often. Furthermore, I felt very cold and was shaking uncontrollably. They said that I was faking, then again used the electric baton to shock me dozens of times. Not until 3 o'clock in the morning did they throw me on the ground. I was nearly tortured to death. Afterwards they threw me onto a broken bed. When it was almost dawn, they all came back, cleaned the room a little, and tied me again on the iron chair. My hands were cuffed again. The police again used electric batons to shock my body, hands, face and many other places. What a horrifying night I suffered! You cannot imagine how horrible it was.

In the morning they cleaned up the room. I knew they did not want people to see this. They were afraid that their wicked deeds would be exposed. After that, they started another round of the cruel and inhuman torture. They poured alcohol on my head and face. They brought the newly charged electric baton to shock each one of my fingers, my face and mouth. While doing this they said, "Are you even tougher and stronger than Ms. Jiang [a Chinese sage and woman of virtue]?" Finally, they did not know what else they could do and said, "Can't you just say you will stop practicing Falun Gong?" I know how sacred and great Dafa is, and I know what they would do to me if I answered, "No." At that time, I told the police after the whole evening of torture that I must practice Falun Gong. They were surprised and asked me why. I said, "It is like when one person is about to die, but then a doctor saved this person's life. How should you treat this doctor? Can you still say against your conscious that Falun Gong is not good? At home, all my illnesses were healed because I practiced Falun Gong. But you persecuted me, and gave me a heart attack and a cerebral concussion."

At eight o'clock they got off work. They handed me over to the next shift of policemen, who used tape to seal my mouth, and lit some cigarettes and inserted them into my nose. When one burned out, they would light on another one. They only removed the tape when they ordered me to answer questions. If I did not cooperate they slapped my face. They also used a leather belt to whip my face for half an hour at a time. They also took off my shoes, put one of my legs on the chair and exerted pressure on it and then asked me how I felt. In addition, they used a small stick to stab my instep, and ink brushes to tickle the soles of my feet [one's sensitive part]. They used all kinds of inhuman tortures to persecute me. After that day, the one who hit me the most ruthlessly left for a while. When he came back he said that he had a fierce headache and therefore did not beat me anymore. While lying down, he asked me questions. I knew that, because of his wicked deeds, he was suffering from karmic retribution for committing bad deeds.

At nearly four o'clock in the afternoon, they transferred me from the fourth floor in the police department back to the detention center. At that time I could not even put on my shoes, nor could I move my feet. In addition, after seven days' hunger strike, it was really hard for me to walk and I only managed to make it to the second floor. They threw me into the vehicle (perhaps they were afraid that people would see how brutally they had tortured me), and escorted me back to the detention center. Back at the detention center, all the fellow practitioners cried when they saw me how badly they had tortured me. That evening, nobody slept. They looked after me for the whole night. I also trembled the whole night. The next morning, however, my whole body miraculously felt very light. I only had a little difficulty when walking. I knew Master was looking after me. Several fellow practitioners in the same cell started a hunger strike, protesting the illegal imprisonment and persecution. Soon after that, a dozen of us started a hunger strike. They forcibly inserted tubes into our stomachs to force-feed us.

When I was forced-fed for the fourth time, the tube was inserted into my trachea. Very soon my face turned purple. The nurse and the inmates who were helping with the force-feeding were scared to death. That day, four accidents occurred (heart attacks, seizures, and so on). Afterwards, they did not force-feed us anymore, but compelled us to drink water and eat.

None of the corporal punishment instruments worked on me, because I believe in Dafa, and the principles of "Truth-Compassion-Tolerance." We do everything according to "Truth-Compassion-Tolerance." There is nothing wrong with these principles. After torturing us like this, they are afraid of being exposed.

The conditions here are harsh. They do not let us have pens and paper. I wrote this letter inside a blanket. I have only written this much after many attempts. I am afraid to write some other things to you because I am afraid you cannot bear to hear it and will worry about me.