(Clearwisdom.net) According to a Reuter's report on June 17, 2002, a team of physicists at the Australian National University announced that they had successfully disembodied a laser beam containing encoded information at one end of a fiber optic communication system and instantly rebuilt it one meter away at the other end, using the technology known as quantum entanglement.

The theory of quantum teleportation is based on "the state of quantum entanglement." In the field of quantum mechanics, scientists discovered that microscopic particles are connected to each other with a mysterious interrelationship. The interrelationship changes at a speed far exceeding that of light in a vacuum, the known speed limit for matters interacting with each other, according to the theory of relativity. Scientists are still puzzled by the principles underpinning this mysterious interrelationship. In fact, this ultra-light speed relationship exists not only in a microscopic dimension but also in the macroscopic dimension.

People who are familiar with ancient Chinese science understand that many astrologists in ancient history could predict the major events that were going to happen within months or even in days according to the relative position of stars. The stars they observed were several light-years to even millions of light-years away from earth. How could the relative positions of stars so far away relate to what was going to happen in the human world in such a short period of time? Just like the mysterious instant relationship among microscopic particles, the relationship between the stars and the human world is still an enigma to modern science.


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