Story 1. Dafa VCD

A fellow practitioner gave me a VCD set of Master's Guangzhou Lecture. One disc had a problem when I was watching it. I held the VCD above my head and recited Master's Fa-rectification formula, thinking about restoring the quality of the VCD to its original and best condition. I watched the VCD after that. The picture was very clear and stable.

Story 2. The story of printing paper

Dafa disciples Zhao and Wang, a couple in their sixties, noticed there was a shortage of Dafa materials. They began to learn how to use computer to generate more Dafa materials. From knowing nothing about computers, they soon became quite skilled at the computer. One time Zhao made a mistake, misprinting 80 pieces of papers, and he felt terrible for wasting the precious paper because all the money was collected from practitioners, many of whom hardly have enough money to survive. The couple studied the Fa, looked inside themselves for possible defects, and sent forth righteous thoughts to clear up any interference. Wang had an idea after that. They soaked the paper in water with detergent added, and took them out to dry after a few minutes. The papers were as good as before.

Story 3. A miracle

One day in January of 2002, my wife, daughter and I began to study the Fa after we had sent forth righteous thoughts. My 12-year-old daughter looked at Master's picture in the book. A miracle happened. Very clearly distinguishable characters appeared on Master's yellow robe. They read, "There is not too much time left! Cultivate with diligence!" Master's hint helps us to cultivate more diligently.