July 18, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) I have read just about every news article and media review about the Sinosat interception incident on the Internet. I found there is a wide representation of views reported. Based on my knowledge and experience of conditions in China, I have concluded that this incident indeed took place, and is true. Since it was the Chinese government who unveiled the news, it shows that Jiang's regime had a situation that they could not control and cover up. With irrational thinking, they could not hold together the recklessly strewn out stories aimed against Falun Gong. If this incident were proven to be fabricated, then I am not convinced that Jiang's regime had the courage or the nerve to fabricate such an evil plot.

Regardless of whether this incident is true or not, it is certainly the most explosive news in China.

First of all, this news defeats the earlier slandering and defamation by the persecutors against Falun Gong. Recalling that they once claimed, "Practitioners are quite ignorant; most of them are under educated," now they openly admit that practitioners effectively carried out satellite interception. Could that be accomplished without some substantial high tech knowledge?

There was other propaganda with similar self-contradictions, and we can now witness these manifest dichotomies. Before, Jiang's regime claimed that the writings of Falun Gong's founder were shallow, superficial, and hastily crafted. Now they are publicizing that only a very high level, well-organized writing team could write such a complete, authoritative, and systematic dissertation on human philosophy. Three years have passed. Although there is increasingly less market for such blatant lies, they still stick in the minds of some stubborn people. Finally, the crooked deceptions have been broken by the Party's own propaganda media.

Furthermore, through this recent barrage of propaganda, the Chinese people have gained a clear sense of the growth and spreading of Falun Gong overseas, and that it was never like Jiang's regime had repeatedly claimed--that Falun Gong was also outlawed and banned everywhere. People still have rational minds. This situation provided opportunities for them to calmly think things over. Why is it like this, and what is Falun Gong all about?

Finally, the objective widespread outcome of the propaganda about the satellite interception even more effectively promotes Falun Gong than the one time satellite interception itself. The fact is that China's propaganda machine has made the most broad and expressive promotion of the development of Falun Gong overseas, including the vast talents of Falun Gong practitioners and their indomitable determination. Another self-injury plot obviously could not accomplish this postmortem effect. In the end, people will welcome such messages. Whether it is a "Falun Dafa Is Good" banner or the sight of an "overseas large scale exercise practice site," as long as the information about Falun Gong is positive, people will welcome the sight.

Looking at the satellite interception incident itself, regardless of who actually did it, as the world's people have recognized the nature of the ongoing persecution, almost everyone would agree that this peaceful interception was a righteous act. The messages conveyed were peaceful, and the methods used were peaceful, rational, and truly outstanding. Most people tacitly agree that under the current circumstances, only Falun Gong practitioners had the courage, mettle and resourcefulness. The truth must be made known.