Three Thoughts:

A Dafa practitioner in Northern China was distributing Dafa literature along the road when he ran into a police roadblock. The practitioner thought, "In case I am arrested I will definitely not betray Dafa no matter how hard I am persecuted." He then changed his thoughts at once, "I am distributing Dafa literature to save people. I should not be persecuted by the vicious people." Upon this thought the practitioner walked through the roadblock, full of righteousness. Afterward he held the thought that more Dafa practitioners would soon be passing by. Not one should be arrested and the roadblock should be eliminated. He sent forth righteous thoughts and left.

The next day he found out that the roadblock was removed.

Short Stories from the City of Changchun

A Dafa practitioner went to Changchun on business. He started to talk about the Falun Gong TV broadcast with the driver each time he got into a taxi. The cab drivers said that Falun Gong is great and that the practitioners are quite capable. They pointed out the police's absurdity: in order to prevent Falun Gong practitioners from putting up flyers, each of them is responsible for certain electric poles.

Here is an interesting anecdote. Someone said that Master is from Gongzhuling City. Several people from Changchun immediately said, "No, he is from our Changchun! He was born in Changchun, grew up in Changchun and lived in Changchun."