News from China

Letter from a jailed Falun Dafa practitioner to his family: Falun Gong is the truthful and righteous way. In fact, you all know that Falun Gong is good, but you are afraid of speaking up and telling the truth because you fear the government. Therefore, you chose to believe the lies on television. I hope that you can face everything with integrity and a sense of justice. Do not believe the lies.

News and Activities Around the World

On July 20, the Falun Dafa Association in Switzerland issued a press release, appealing to the Swiss government to speak out against the lawsuit filed by the Hong Kong Police against the Swiss and Hong Kong practitioners. The press release cited the existence of the "blacklist," pointing out that the persecution of Falun Gong has extended to Europe and to other parts of the world. Three years of persecution is too long. We must work together to stop it.

Open Forum

Realizing the power of righteous thoughts in practice. One day when I was anxiously waiting for materials to be printed, the printer suddenly broke down. After I sent forth righteous thoughts for 15 minutes, the printer operated normally again. I start to realize that interference with the machine is related to our own xinxing. We must rectify ourselves, and at the same time recognize clearly that the evil beings used by the old forces to interfere with us and damage Dafa are in fact nothing and inconsequential during the Fa-rectification process. When we send forth righteous thoughts they will perish in no time.

Scientific Discovery

Reincarnation is an important concept in Eastern belief systems. However in the scientifically advanced West reincarnation is not a well recognized or accepted concept, some people in the medical fields have carried out a great deal of research on reincarnation, and persuasively demonstrated the probability of reincarnation. The researches are conducted in two ways. One as represented by Dr. Ian Stevenson, who studies the probability and the phenomenon of reincarnation through collecting, and analyzing the evidence of the cases of children who have memories of their previous lives. Another way is to have experimental subjects recollect their previous lives under hypnosis conducted by psychiatrists.