Early this June in Jinzhou city, Liaoning Province, a patrolwoman and three policemen tried to break into a house in an attempt to arrest Dafa practitioners. However, the practitioners had sealed the door with determination. After their previous attempts, the number of police was increased to more than 10 people, plus a police van, to try and breach the door. A locksmith had also been called to open the door. At approximately 4:30 PM the evildoers retreated, their attempts to enter the house fruitless. Some of the ruffians were left behind to try and defraud the practitioners, but their attempt was unsuccessful.

Within a day, the police's malicious actions disturbed the residents in the neighborhood, ruining the reputation of the policemen, who were denounced by upright people in the neighborhood. Think about it. In Mainland China, who is it that is truly disturbing the social stability? What happened to basic human rights to allow good citizens to live peaceably?

This practitioner's family is relatively large. Husband and wife are both practitioners. In addition, some of their children are practitioners, though some are not. On June 3rd, a sudden misfortune disturbed their peaceful daily lives. Around 10:00 AM, their daughter-in-law, a non-practitioner, was on the balcony when she heard a voice shout, "Go back, what are you doing here?" She then spotted several strangers downstairs and returned to the house immediately. Shortly after, someone repeatedly shouted to open the door. The practitioners in the house did not cooperate with this demand and kept the door closed tightly. Meanwhile, they sent righteous thoughts.

Since the practitioners refused to open the door, the police brought in a locksmith to try and unlock the door. In recent arrests of Dafa practitioners in Jinzhou city, locksmiths were often hired to break into practitioners' houses. Theoretically, locksmiths are supposed to utilize their expertise to help people, but now they are hired to commit crimes persecuting good citizens. Hopefully, the conscientious locksmiths will resist the evil demands and stop cooperating with the malicious police to commit crimes.

This time, however, the locksmith did not succeed. Before the door was unlocked, a petite female practitioner held the door shaft firmly from inside which didn't allow the door to be opened. While struggling with the police, she asked Teacher Li's help in preventing their intrusion. At the same time, she asked the policemen, "What crime did we commit? Why do you want to persecute us?" The policemen outside replied, "Who is going to persecute you?" She then asked, "If you haven't come to persecute us, what are you doing here?" The policemen craftily said, "Let us go in and we won't take anybody away." The practitioner immediately exposed their ploy and confronted the policemen, "If you have not come to arrest us, then why are there more than 10 people and those cars."

Later the practitioners in the house used an iron bludgeon to wedge the door tightly closed, and tied the door handle back with a strong rope, successfully blocking the police intrusion. The police then became very frustrated and angry. They threatened to chop off the lock, and so they did. The broken door lock fell onto the female practitioner's feet, leaving a big hole in the door.

While the policemen were trying to break into the house, a fellow female practitioner came to visit. She was interrogated and even forced to take the police into her own house so they could rummage around for "evidence." The policemen refused to release her even though no evidence was found.

While the malicious police were breaking down the door, the next-door neighbor came out and started chastising the policemen saying, "Why do you want to arrest them? They are all good people. Why don't you go out and arrest some thieves instead?" The police had nothing to say and kept trying to break open the door. Later, the neighbor sprayed water into the hallway and swept the floor. The water splashed onto the patrolwoman. She shouted, "What are you doing?" The neighbor replied, "Why are you shouting? You frightened me." Then she said, "Don't splash water on me again. Be careful!" Then the neighbor asked her, "What are you doing down there?" The patrolwoman shouted, "I am doing a bad deed." In fact, the neighbor had already seen her tearing down Dafa truth-clarification flyers. The neighbor replied loudly, "Since you know it is a bad deed, why did you do it?" The patrolwoman asked, "Do you know what's on this flyer?" The neighbor replied in a reverent manner, "Isn't it Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance?!" When the patrolwoman heard this, she was speechless.

An old woman in a small shop downstairs questioned the policemen waiting outside. "What kind of crime did this family commit? Why do you want to arrest them?" One policeman answered, "They are innocent." The woman said, "Then why do you still want to arrest these people? They all benefit from practicing Falun Gong. Why do you want to arrest them? They are good people. Why do you arrest good people while paying no attention to the bad people?!" The old woman loudly continued questioning the policemen. The policemen were speechless and silently avoided her questions.

The responses from the police reveal something for us to consider. The policemen clearly admit that Dafa practitioners are innocent, and the patrolwoman had confessed that she was committing a bad deed. This indicates that the evildoers consciously arrest and persecute compassionate people. They confuse right and wrong, slander Falun Dafa, and persecute practitioners. They consciously violate and trample the rights of benevolent citizens.

The intrusion did not succeed. After the majority of the policemen left around 4:30 PM, the one remaining said, "I am the only one left. Open the door." The Dafa practitioners weren't fooled and continued to clarify the truth to him. In the end, the last policeman left, though the neighbors were still resentful and outraged about the police's despicable behavior.