At Seattle's Chinatown Summer Outdoor Fair in mid-July, Falun Dafa brought truth and mercy to predestined Eastern and Western people. Exquisite Dafa music played in the background as practitioners demonstrated the exercises and promoted the Fa for two days in a stall at the fair. They clarified the truth by giving out calligraphy and distributing various Dafa materials patiently clarifying the truth face-to-face, answering questions from passersby.

Practitioners gained the impression that local Chinese people now have a kinder view of Dafa, and are now more eager to learn. More people are beginning to support Dafa. Unlike before, there are apparently more from Mainland China aware of the truth. In spite of the evil, deceitful propaganda, they are no longer prejudiced or hostile towards Dafa. Instead, they all now come to learn the truth on their own initiative, carefully read the boards displaying the truth, requesting all kinds of truth clarifying materials, asking questions and inquiring about practice site locations. Some even take Dafa books to begin studying right away. A Chinese woman was moved to tears after she received a "Zhen-Shan-Ren" calligraphy present handwritten by a Dafa practitioner, and learned the truth clarified to her. She expressed her wish to maintain contact with Dafa practitioners.

The more the evil tries to suppress by resorting to all means to slander and smear Dafa, the more the kindhearted people are able to make a clear distinction between right and wrong and sense Dafa's kindness, mercy, profundity, and tolerance, which is in stark contrast to the evil's violent suppression. Dafa practitioners joyfully saw the manifestation of cosmic changes, "The Fa-rectification of the human world is on the verge of arriving." ("The Blessings From Dafa")