(Clearwisdom.net) On June 3, 2002, three employees of the Central China Normal University in Wuhan City, Hubei Province were abducted and taken to the Miaoshan Development Zone in Wuhan City by Mafangshan police station officers together with personnel from the university security section. Among them was Dafa practitioner Wang Haoyun, an employee of the Arts College. In the brainwashing class, the practitioners suffered inhumane mental and physical abuse. One of the Dafa practitioners was able to leave the class by his righteous thoughts.

On July 8th, the news came that Dafa practitioner Wang Haoyun had been tortured to death. Mafangshan police station, the Party Committee and the Security Section of Central China Normal University should all be held responsible for this murder.

Mafangshan police station phone, 27-87666692

The Party Committee office phone, 27-87673001

The secretary of the Party Committee, An Zhangwan, 27-87673003

The deputy secretary of the Party Committee, Wu Jinshen, 27-87673004

The chief of the Party Committee office, Yang Xinqi, 27-87672535

The security section office phone, 27-87673070

Chief Yan of the security section, 27-87673071