Recently, I clarified the truth of the persecution of Falun Gong to my colleagues. One of them said, "At the time when I studied at the university, many faculty and students practiced Falun Gong outside the library. I believe they were very good people. Take a look at the truth behind the self-immolation incident. Nowadays, in order to gain political advantage, the government has employed all possible despicable means!"

One student told his instructor, a Falun Gong practitioner: "No matter what's propagated on the news programs, I still believe Falun Gong is good. I have found you to be a good person from all aspects throughout these past few years, and our classmates also think so too." Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts and righteous actions have made a critical impact on the environment. Although not intentional, that is in itself clarifying the truth.

One villager in Liaoning Province had arthritis, and walked with the aid of crutches. By chance, he got to know the truth of Dafa, and developed righteous thoughts towards Dafa. The day after that, he miraculously was able to get rid of his crutches. All his relatives and friends said, "No matter what is propagated on TV, we know Falun Dafa is really amazing!"

After being released from a forced labor camp, a Dafa practitioner clarified the truth to his work unit leader several times. Upon understanding the truth, the leader allowed him to go back to work. When the lawless officials attempted to abduct this Dafa practitioner to send him to a brainwashing class, the leader said, "If they come, I'll say that you have been out of town on business. And if they come again, I'll arrange a business trip for you. I'll definitely not allow them to persecute you!"